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Cone Mount - BH-02-B

ConeMount BH-02-B Bearing Heater Light-Duty 3/8"-5 3/4" (10-145mm)



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ConeMount BH-02-B Cone Bearing Heater The B model ConeMount bearing heater can accommodate bearings with inner diameters from 10-145 mm, which means you can service just about anything in your facility. Bearing temperature is monitored with a 250 deg C/121 deg C temperature indicator crayon, which is used to mark the bearing inner race. When this mark melts, the bearing is ready for mounting. It takes between 1 and 12 minutes, depending on bearing size to reach optimal temperature, a fraction of the time using other methods. By heating the bearing, the diameter increases enough to easily slip the bearing onto the shaft without hammering or using a press. When the bearing cools, it is flush, square and tightly attached to the shaft. Each heater is supplied with gloves and a temperature-indicating crayon.
Benefits: Portable, Easy to Use, Reliable, Non-Magnetizing



Material = Aluminium
Wattage = 725 Watts
Weight = 2.54 kg
Width ( Decimal inch) = 10.000
Metric ID Bearing Range: = 10-145mm
Inches ID Bearing Range = 3/8- 5 3/4 inch


Weight 3 kg
Category Tools for bearings


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