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WON Linear Motion

Korean WON Brand was established in 1989. It is an enterprise specializing in the development and production of linear guide and rotary bearing with steel balls and rollers as rotating bodies. It is the first time to realize localization of LM axis in China. It also has the ability to analyze rolling and sliding motion and special steel and heat treatment technology.

WON ST provides a full portfolio of linear motion bearings including a variety of Linear Guides including Ball Linear Guides for a general use of linear motion, Mini Linear Guides for a compact environment of linear motion, and Roller Linear Guides for ultra-high load, high rigidity and high precision, a variety of Linear Bushings and Super Linear Bushings, various Cross Roller Bearings, Linear Actuators, Smart Actuators, Shafts and other linear motion parts.

  • Linear Guide

WONST has provided many different kinds of linear motion guides from subminiature series to the most general ball linear motion guide, low noise linear motion guide, and ultra-high rigidity roller linear motion guide. As they have various forms and sizes for each user environment, you can choose the optimum linear motion guide for your specific purpose.

  1.     H Series: Standard Linear Guide
  2.     S Series: Slim Linear Guide
  3.     M/MB Series: Mini Linear Guide
  4.     R Series: Roller Linear Guide
  • Cross Roller Bearing

- A separable outer ring and rotary inner ring type.
- It can be used for cases which need running accuracy of an inner ring.
- An integrated type of an inner ring and an outer ring.
- A customization type.

  1.     CB
  2.     CH
  3.     CS

Ball Spline-

  • Linear ball spline:

- A structure where balls in four ball rows touch circular arch groove of a nut and a shaft by two points.
- As a circle flange type, it can be installed in a simple way.

  • Compact ball spline:

- A structure where balls in two ball rows touch Gothic arch groove of a nut and a shaft by four points.
- As a circle flange type, it can be installed in an easy way.

  • Cross Roller Guide Way

    Guide: A compact high rigidity linear guide by which a roller cage rolls on the 90° V groove of a rail.
Table: A high accuracy and high rigidity linear motion unit on which a cross roller guide is assembled on a precisely processed table and base.
Roller cage: Precise rollers are arranged orthogonally and combined on a rolling surface of 90° V groove of a dedicated rail.

Super Linear Bushing:

  • Bushing:

- Automatic self-aligning super ball bushing for high load.
- Load capacity, three times as large as general linear bushing. (27 times longer life span)

  • Block:

- Aluminum block in which super linear bushing is assembled.
- As a dedicated block for ball bushing, it has one or two assembled ball bushings. There is also a clearance adjustable block.

  • Linear Bushing

WON ST Linear Ball Bushing, LM type, is the linear motion system with unlimited stroke by being applied with LM shaft. Because of the point contact between Balls and LM shaft, the minimum friction can be acquired and can provide you the high-precision motion.)

Linear Motion Shaft:


WON ST Linear Motion Shaft (LM Shaft) is hardened and ground shaft featuring high precision for rectilinear motion which can be used in conjunction with Ball Bushing. LM Shaft used in conjunction with ball bushing has a role as the guide of the ball bushing and the inner raceway of the bearing as well. The quality of shaft has a great influence on the functions of ball bushing and linear motion system.

  1.     Axis Line Support
  2.     Shaft
  3.     Shaft End Support
  • Track Roller Guide

WON ST Track Roller Guide has been developed by WON R&D Center based on knowledge and experience for several years in the field of Linear Motion System. It consists of the guide rail inserted by applying pressure onto a precisely grinded and heat treated shaft and a roller unit.

  1.     Inside Type
  2.     Outside Type
  • Linear Actuator
  1.     HTB Series
  2.     HTF Series
  3.     HTV Series

Ball Screw:

  • Easy to Transport:

- Reduced friction due to rolling motion by balls and enables accurate fine feed

  • Long Life:

- Long rolling operation because the ball performs rolling motion

  • Simple Lubrication:

-Due to constant rolling motion, lubrication is possible in small quantity and can be supplemented with grease or lubricant.


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