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The WINKEL components, are a part of a unit construction system which enables simple and cost saving designs made with WINKEL-Bearings, profiles, flange plates and other equipment.

Winkel bearings are designed for linear applications with a combined high radial and axial load.

 Type of Winkel Bearings:

  • WINKEL axial roller bearings adjustable
  • JK roller blocks WINKEL
  • WINKEL Combined Roller Bearings
  • JK roller blocks WINKEL
  • WINKEL precision roller bearings
  • WINKEL temperature resistant bearings
  • WINKEL steel roller bearings WINKEL
  • WINKEL Heavy Duty Roller Bearings, Heavy Duty
  • JT-V-Vollcolla Roller Blocks WINKEL
  • WINKEL Jumbo Roller Bearings
  • WINKEL bearings deep groove ball bearing
  • Stainless steel INOX roller bearings WINKEL INOX
  • JT-PA-polyamide roller blocks WINKEL
  • VULKOLLAN®-WINKEL roller bearings
  • WINKEL POLYAMID Roller Bearings
  • VULKOLLAN®-controlled WINKEL roller bearings
  • WINKEL roller bearings with mounting flanges
  • Standard NbV U-Profile
  • Precision U-Profile NbV
  • Standard drilled PG type U-profiles
  • Precision Drilled U-Profile Type PG-PR
  • Dual-T-Profile NbV
  • Profile Jumbo
  • Stainless steel inox
  • U-Profile Speed + Silence / U-Profile Speed + Strength
  • U-Aluminium Profile SPEED + SILENT / SPEED + FORCE
  • U-Profile Type L
  • PG-L drilled U-profiles
  • AP Mounting Flanges Rectangular
  • Mounting Flanges AP-LUB
  • Mounting flanges AP Jumbo
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Flanges AP INOX


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