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WiCHMANN group was founded in 1980 by Horst Wichmann (Managing Director). Being an independent family business, we developed from a small repair company into an industrial company representing the latest technology.

Brands (CSE, CSN, CST)

  • CSE

Cardan Service Engineering stands for Cardan shafts in the OEM segment, in which the services of our engineers are indispensable. In the development, construction, design and calculation of Cardan shafts, we cater to the individual, technical as well as innovative needs of our clients.

  • CSN

Cardan Service Network stands for the Cardan shaft replacement business, with which we cater to the aftermarket via our renowned network. Here we maintain our position in the industrial and commercial vehicle replacement business with unbeatable service and fast delivery times. Working together with our franchise partners in Germany and abroad, you will always receive the same first-class service and the high quality you are accustomed to.

  • CST

Components Service & Trading stands for the supply of spare parts for our Cardan shafts worldwide as well as the marketing of commercial vehicle technology.

  • Industrial Cardan shafts.

Designing and calculating your Cardan shaft in line with your specific application is a matter of course for us. You benefit from the excellent operational safety, high service life and low operational costs.

  • Commercial Vehicle Replacement

Time is money, especially in the commercial vehicle sector. WiCHMANN GmbH stands for very short delivery times and excellent quality.

  • Spare Parts for Cardan shafts.

We offer you an extensive product range of spare parts for Cardan shafts for all product series such as DIN, Spicer and Mechanics.

  • Torque rods, V-arms.

At WiCHMANN you receive torque rods and V-arms newly manufactured. Furthermore we will deliver to you repair kits in sliding bearings as well as molecular design.



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