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WBC Wonil Bearing

Wonil Bearing Industry Co., Ltd   its establishment on Apr. 1, 1988, Wonil Bearing has been manufacturing thrust bearing WBC is korea base company tandam bearing interchange to INA bearings with same quality


  • WBC Tandem Thrust Bearings

TandemThrust Bearings can receive heavy load in a limited space and support firmly in the direction of axis and last long with low frictional power. In addition, these bearings are moved by oil lubrication. Also thesetandem thrust bearings are used principally in gear boxes for single & twin screw extruders in the rubber and plastic industries.

  • WBC Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust Ball Bearings can sustain weight on the direction of axis and is usually used at low and medium speed. On a slope, the Thrust Ball Bearings become sensitive and can firmly support in the direction of axis. In order to absorb impact of a slope in any case, a washer is used. There are a single direction Thrust Ball Bearings that receives load only in the direction of axis and a double direction thrust bearing that receives load in both direction of axis. Single thrust ball bearing / double thrust ball bearing / miniature thrust bearing / king pin trust bearing.

  • WBC Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings

Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings are used when thrust ball bearings and needle roller thrust bearings can't sustain load. In addition, it has high precision since it has a simple geometrical figure. Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings consist of CAGE(K), WS, GS, LS

  • WBC Thrust Needle Roller Bearings

When the support surface is not suited to rolling surface, track washer (LS) and thrustwasher (AS) are used. In addition, shaft washer and housing washer are used as rolling surface. The thrust needle roller bearings consist of AXK, AS, LS, WS and GS


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