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Warner Electric is a worldwide leader for Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes in the Power Transmission Industry. With over 70 years of experience and knowledge, Warner Electric is able to provide solutions to customers in the industrial, turf and garden, and vehicular markets.

Warner Electric manufactures hundreds of standard clutch and brake models that feature electric and mechanical actuation with a torque range from a few ounce inches to 1350 pound feet.

Warner Electric offers a broad produce line in tension control systems for tensioning wire, film, foil, paper, corrugated paper, or steel. Electric and pneumatic brakes designed for tension applications range in torque ratings from 1 oz.in. to 1785 lb.ft. Control models include simple manual adjust models through sophisticated closed loop dancer control and load cell systems.

Warner Electric offers of clutch/brake controls to provide a choice of control Warner Electric Productsoptions from basic power supplies to simple on-off controls, adjustable torque controls, overexcitation controls for rapid engagement and accuracy, and complete closed loop position controls.

Warner Electric provides linear actuators and guideways for a variety of applications on a wide range of mobile applications such as school buses, industrial sweepers; as well as factory applications such as lift tables, die handling racks, diverters and vent positioning.

Warner Electric has many years of experience in applying sensors and switches in motion control applications. Their broad range of innovative and technologically advanced products offers customers the exact solution to satisfy their sensing applications needs.

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