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Volkmann GmbH is based in Soest in Westphalia and was founded in 1973 by Jürgen and Ingrid Volkmann as a consulting company for production automation. The company started in the early years with applications within vacuum technology. Own ideas and developments such as the patented „Säuferbalken“® (combined vacuum stripping process for drying belt surfaces and for liquid recovery in mills) and the patented Multijector® (special construction form of a multi-stage ejector vacuum pump operated by compressed air) made the company a partner driven by ideas and application technologies for customers from widespread branches of industry.


  • Vacuum Conveyors

VOLKMANN’s Vacuum Conveyors transport numerous granulated bulk materials, small parts, powder and pigments under vacuum in lean and dense phase through hoses and pipes.

  • MULTIJECTOR® Vacuum Pumps

The basic advantages of compressed air driven vacuum pumps are well known: small size, low weight, simple design, little maintenance and wear resisting operation put them in first place when it comes to pick-and-place applications. The easy installation, control and free positioning make work easy with their quiet operation and neither heat nor oil mist emission.

  • MULTIJECTOR® – the multi stage venturi.

A MULTIJECTOR® comes with an advanced nozzle system, in which additional nozzles are placed in line with the primary and secondary nozzle. The suction air of each venturi stage mixed with the compressed air of the primary nozzle works as the gas jet for the following stage. For free and with no more air consumption. These additional Venturi stages don’t reach the high vacuum of the first, but their larger jet chambers produce an even higher suction volume. Still the vacuum pump reaches the high vacuum of the first Venturi stage, because flap valves close automatically in order of pressure balance between their certain Venturi stage and the collective vacuum chamber.

  • Lump Breakers And Material Agitators

Volkmann‘s Lump breakers and material agitators for agglomerates and lumps can easily be docked to bag unloading and material sending stations (e.g. RNT, BBU, RNT-CON). They allow the vacuum transport in a closed system free of emissions. They are easy to disassemble and to clean, but can also be flushed without removal from the material sending station.

  • Hoists

Volkmann stationary and mobile hoists simplify the handling and positioning of vacuum conveyors above the machines or bins which have to be fed with material. The vacuum conveyor can be brought into position, connected dust-free, powder tight, and free of forces induced to the system below the conveyor, which might be critical to the process stability like with tablet presses or filling machines.

  • Weighing And Dosing Systems

Some conveying tasks bring up the question: How much material did the system convey and feed? The answer is CONWEIGH.

Our CONWEIGH Vacuum Conveying and Weighing/Dosing systems measure both the incoming and outgoing material flow. You can set systems to convey a certain amount or just control the feed rate over time. CONWEIGH does the rest, gives you a vacuum conveyor with booster and fine dosing function (up to 99.7% / 99.9% precision, depending on material condition).

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