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Tsubaki is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power transmission and motion control products and is the world's market share leader in roller chain.

When your applications require torque in one direction of rotation, and overrun in the opposite direction, Cam Clutches from Tsubaki make the perfect upgrade. Our complete line of Tsubaki drive components set the standard for higher overrunning speeds, greater torque capacities, and longer service life, to name a few.

From compressors and conveyors, to packaging machinery and pumps, you can find Tsubaki Cam Clutch products in harsh applications across industries.

TSUBAKI offers the most complete and versatile selection of one-way clutches in the industry.

Cam Clutches are precision devices which lock the inner and outer races, through the wedging action of cams, to transmit torque in one direction of rotation; and overrun in the opposite direction. These units are often referred to as freewheels, sprags, overrunning, backstop or one-way clutches, depending upon their application.

Tsubaki Cam Clutch have different types depending on the application such as Backstop cam clutch, Indexing cam clutch, Overrunning cam clutch. Tsubaki Backstop cam clutch is available in series such as BS/BS-HS series, BSEU series, BR-HT series, BREU series. Tsubaki Indexing cam clutch is available in series such as MIUS series, MZEU series, MZ series. Tsubaki overrunning cam clutch is available in series such as BB, TSS, TFS, MGUS/MGUS-R, BUS200, PBUS, OB-ON/OF, OB-SF series.

Indexing, overrunning and back stopping are common in today’s automated production processes. All of these functions are performed with high precision by Tsubaki Cam Clutch. Whether your requirements are new or replacement, our world leading range of European, US and Japanese models will have your application covered.

Applications Include:

  • Conveyor Backstops
  • Industrial Fans
  • Pumps
  • Packaging Machines
  • Printing Machines
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