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Features of TSK:

  • Compact Design

As four to six lines of balls smoothly circulate the narrow circuit to receive the load, the compact design is possible in line with the compact power supply and drive mechanism designs.

  • Compatibillity

As the dimension tolerances of bearing parts are fully standardized, the full compatibility is retained and the fitting clearances are unchanged.

  • Low Noise

As the retainer is made of resin material, it generates a minimum of noise during drive and gives the smoothest circulation of balls.

  • High Precision and Compactness

Using the TSK linear motion bearing with the high-precision TSK linear shafts gives a precise and smooth linear motion to make the whole machine smaller and lighter in weight.

  • Long Life

Since each portion of the bearing is made of choice materials and then being hardened and precision-machined according to strict quality control stardards, long-term operational life is guaranteed. See the chart below for details.


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