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THK was founded in Japan in 1971 and is operating today with almost 7.000 employees. Having over 800 patents provides the driving force within this dynamic market.

Product Solutions include:

  1.     Guide Ball Bushing for Miniature Sizes
  2.     Motorised Cylinder with High Thrust Force
  3.     High Speed Actuators for Clean Rooms
  4.     Actuators with Two Drive Options
  5.     Linear Motor Actuator with Large Load Capacity and Compact structure
  6.     Linear Motion Actuator with High Accuracy
  7.     Cylindrical Ball Splines with Three Longitudinal Ridges
  8.     Linear Actuators designed for Clean Room Applications
  9.     Cross Roller Bearings with either Split Outer or Split Inner Rings
  10.     Precision series and High Rigidity Cross Roller Bearings
  11.     Aerospace Application product range – details on request.
  • THK product range.
  1.     Caged Ball LM Guide (SCR, SHS, SHW, SNR, SRS, SSR)
  2.     Caged Roller LM Guide (SRG, SRN, SRW)
  3.     Caged Ball Ballscrews (HBN, SBK, SBN)
  4.     Linear Actuator (KR, SKR, CKR, CRES, GL, VLA)
  5.     Miniature LM Guide (RSR, MX, ER, RSR 1 and 2)
  6.     Linear Motion Guide (HSR, SR, HRW, NR, CSR, JR, GSR, FBW and FBL, HR, JUP)
  7.     Ballsplines (LBS, LT and LF, LTR)
  8.     Cross Roller Bearings (RA-C, RB and RE, RB/R-USP, RU)
  9.     Ballscrew Spline (BNS)
  10.     R Guide (HCR, HMG)
  11.     Bushes (LM)
  12.     Link Balls (BL)
  13.     Special Purpose LM Guides (RSR, M1. M2)
  14.     Ground & Rolled Ballscrews (EBB/EPB, BLK, BNFN, BNF, MTF, Support units EK/BK/FK/EF/BF and FF)
  15.     Machine Elements
  16.     CAM Follower
  17.     Cross Roller Guide VR & VB
  18.     Cross Roller Table VRT/VRT-A/VRU
  19.     Linear Bushes LME/LM/LMF/LMK/LMH/SC
  20.     LM Stroke
  21.     Miniature Stroke MST
  22.     Roller Follower NAST/RNAST/NART
  23.     Spherical Bearing
  24.     Micro LM Systems (BN, LT, RSR1/2)


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