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With over 25 years of experience, TGB Group is a leading company in transmission and motion solutions for the industrial and solar markets. TGB develop and manufacture technological products that are distributed worldwide with the highest quality standards.

TGB Group Technologies is a world leader as a manufacturer and distributor of slewing rings, slewing drives, linear guides and actuators.


  • Slewing Drives

The rotating modules are compact rotational units integrated in a cast iron housing that contains a turning ring with a gear. The gear rotates the turning ring with great precision and allows for smooth rotation and maximum effort.
The rotation modules can support axial, radial and inclined loads and are completely sealed.

  • Slewing Rings

TGB have variety of single and double row roller bearing products designed to absorb axial and radial forces such as tilting forces. The slewing rings are sealed on both sides to protect the rolling elements from dust, foreign materials and to prevent grease leakage.  

TGB Group Technologies manufactures motion solutions that are used under the toughest conditions:  available  special anti-corrosion treatment, special surface coatings for heavy industry (off-shore), hardening purposes and measures on the raceways and internal gears, etc.

Slewing rings are used in applications such as construction equipment, platforms, cranes, accessories, demolition equipment, packaging equipment, food processing equipment, turntables, satellite antennas, trailers, etc.

  • Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are devices that are responsible for transforming a rotary movement provided by a motor in linear motion thanks to the combination of a steel auger and a bronze toothed ring; These devices are prepared to work under difficult conditions or environments where the working temperature range is between -10ºC and 60ºC.

TGB Group Technologies manufactures two main types of linear actuators: screwdriver or telescopic. The main difference between the two is that in the first type, the spindle has a metal cover on the back and a rubber cover on the front, while the telescopic only protrudes the spindle on one side and is covered with a tube chrome plated.

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