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Tecma Drive

Tecma Drive is a brand that comes to position itself in the industrial and photovoltaic market with the versatility and quality that a product needs to satisfy the demands of the ample and overparticular sector.

TECMA DRIVE have experience of more than 15 years, which allows us to commercialize and guarantee a product that meets the needs of the market. To cover the wide demands in different sectors TECMA DRIVE can provide technical support and calculation solutions.   Additionally, all factories used for the manufacture of products have current ISO certification and have been audited by Tecma Drive staff.

Tecma Drive Products:

  1. Slewing Rings
  • Without Teeth Slewing Rings
  • External Teeth Slewing Rings
  • Internal Teeth Slewing Rings
  1. Slew Drives
  • Industrial Sector Slew Drives
  • Solar Sectore Slew Drives

Tecma Drive Slew Drives products use precision technology able to provides different solutions in huge applications. From aerial platforms to cranes, from forestry machine to solar trackers they are some applications where products can be installed. Inside of slewing drives, they have customized slewing rings and with the other components are assembled into a low profile, self-looking, ready to install in the external housing optimized for weight vs technical performance requested by their customers.

The Slew Drive is a fully assembled gearbox, assembly consisting in a ball or roller slewing ring prepared to absorb axial and radial forces, also into titling moments. It can be drived by hydraulic or electric motors, in a fully enclosed housing.

Slewing Drives are completely adaptable products with strong shock resistance, long life, very smooth rotation, bearing protection.

Tecma Drive Slew Drives are the correct solution for the solar trackers, single row axis trackers, double row axis trackers, bifacial solutions, small and medium size wind mills and many more solutions in the renewable sector. There strong point is capacity to develop and customize products that meet every unique application and customer in this wide and demanding market.

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