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TCK Group is a world leader in the rubber seal manufacturing industry. We serve the automotive and industrial parts manufacturers. TCK was established in 1979. We now have over 22 years of experience and manufacturing plants in Taiwan and China.
The most important component of any oil seal is the elastomer of the sealing element. We offer a wide range of options that one can choose from, as per their environmental and functioning requirement. The general elastomer includes; nitrile (NBR), EPDM and HNBR, silicone (MVQ), fluoroelastomer (FKM, FPM), polyacrylate (ACM, PA), Polyurethane, natural rubber.

  • P.T.F.E Seals (PTFE)

Engineered to provide hassle free functioning for a longer duration of time, our P.T.F.E seals are suitable for various industrial usage. Wiper seals(GAG4, BE470, DKBG4)- Our Wiper seals are extensively used for fluid containment and in preventing the dirt from entering a reciprocating shaft mechanism.

  •  External Lip Seals

Our range of external seals is durable, cost effective in nature & renowned to work with precision in various applications including housing and more.  Floating Seals

Functionally superior then the ordinary seals, our floating seals are highly efficient & used extensively in regenerative heat exchangers and more

  •  Rotary Shaft Seals

Our rotary shaft seal is durable and long lasting in nature & serves great purpose in diverse industrial application.

  • O RING

 O-ring is a loop of elastomer with a round (o-shaped) cross-section, which is used as a mechanical seal or gasket. Our O-ring is specifically designed to be seated in a groove and compressed during assembling of two or more parts, resulting in the creation of a seal at the interface.

We offer variations in profile design otter then circular, which includes; X shaped, D shaped T shaped, silicone rubber o-ring, o-ring packing and other shaped circular packings. All these different designs are available for different applications, as per the environmental conditions & requirements. We are offering different types of automotive o-rings, silicone rubber o rings, teflon o rings, rubber packing rings, rubber o-rings, o-ring packing and more....

For O-Ring and rubber packings, we offer different sealing element or material choices, which includes; nit rile(NBR), fluoroelastomer(FKM, FPM), natural rubber, polyacrylate (ACM PA), silicone (MVQ), EPDM and HNBR.
 O- Rings Square Rings Quad Shaped Rings

TCK offers a complete line of compounds that are approved to every military and industrial specification. Stock standard compounds include Brna-N (Nitrile), neoprene, EPR, silicone, flourosilicone, and flourocarbon (Viton). Also for unique applications, special rubber compounds, urethane, and Teflon, as well as special sizes are available.

  •  V-Rings

The V-ring is an all-rubber seal. It mounts directly on the shaft and seals axially against the counter-face, housing, bearing race, and similar surfaces. Designed with a long flexible lip, it acts like a mechanical face seal and a lip seal. It can retain lubricants or exclude contaminants. The V-ring also can be used as the primary seal or as a secondary back-up seal. And it is capable of handing a greater amount of eccentricity and misalignment as well as axial movement. Each V-ring can be used for a range of different shaft sizes.

  • Wiper Rings

For those extremely dirty rod wiping situations, a standard Polyseal can be used as a wiper ring. Properly selected wiper rings will greatly extent the life of internal seals and bearings in hydraulic equipment.


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