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SNFA Group has specialized in the manufacture of high precision ball and roller bearings since its foundation in 1952. SNFA has continuously invested in the bearing product range technology. In 1968, to meet the rising demand for high quality super precision bearings for the machine tool market, SNFA formed two new manufacturing units in Europe : SOMECAT SpA, near Torino in Italy, and SNFA Bearing Ltd, near Bristol in UK. The latest major and important extension to SNFA's manufacturing resources was completed in 2003. This involved the doubling in size to 6,500 m² of their Italian facility, Somecat SpA, located near Turin.     
With more than 50 years of experience, exclusively within the design and manufacturing of special bearings for advanced technology, in particular for Aerospace and Machine Tool application, SNFA has become the reference point in the world of high quality, advanced technology bearings.

 Product Range (Click a row for detailed specifications)

Product Series                    Reference

  • SEA Series                              71800
  • SEB Series                               7900
  • VEB Series                               71900
  • VEB/NS, VEB/XN Series         71900
  • HB, HB/S Series                        71900
  • HB/NS, HS/S/NS and HB/S/XN Series     71900
  • EX Series                                   7000
  • E200 Series                                7200
  • VEX, VEX/S Series                     7000
  • VEX/NS, VEX/S/NS, VEX/S/XN Series     7000
  • HX, HX/S Series                         7000
  • HX/NS, HX/S/NS, HX/S/XN Series             7000
  • BS200, BS200/S
  • Ball Screw Support Bearings                      76020
  • BS200 (Special)
  • Ball Screw Support Bearings                        76020
  • BSDU: Ball Screw Bearing Cartridge Units
  • BSQU: Ball Screw Support Bearings
  • BSQU/1: Ball Screw Support Bearings


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