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SFERAX is a Swiss company that specialises in linear bearings manufacture. Combining its know-how with its high-level demand for quality, SFERAX produces linear bearings, shafts, guiding tables, and housing units that are reliable and have withstood the test of time.

Founded in 1957, SFERAX S.A. is a family business that has specialised in precision linear bearing solutions for three generations.

Based in Cortaillod (Switzerland), SFERAX possesses complete mastery of the entire production chain, from feasibility studies to packaging, and including machining, assembly, and quality controls. Sleeves, ball trays, tools, machinery and packaging.

Sferax Linear Bearing Product Specifications:

The dynamic load of Sferax linear bearings is usually half of a static load, with the preload specifications depending on the application of the machinery they are being used with and the dimension they are intended to fit. In general, it can be anywhere between 0.002 and 0.02mm on the shaft diameter.

The maximum movement speed for the ‘Standard’ Sferax linear ball bearing is 5 m/s, with an acceleration of 100 m/s squared (150 m/s squared for the ‘Special’ Sferax linear ball bearings). It should also be noted that in the event of ball-bearing movement, there must be a reduction of the speed at the end of the stroke.

As the Sferax linear bearings feature a significant reduction in friction, this allows any heavy loads they are managing to be shifted longitudinally with a minimum expenditure of power and energy. This makes the Sferax linear ball bearings some of the most energy and power efficient bearings on the market, hence their popularity around the world.

The bearings do require lubrication, with there being a strong preference for thin-bodied oil during high speed applications. A lithium-based grease is recommended, but again the viscosity will be entirely dependent on how much speed is being applied in the process. If it is a slower paced application, then a thicker lube is fine, but the faster the process goes the thinner the lubricant needs to be to allow the bearings to operate at full functionality.

SFERAX linear bearings and shafts are high precision products. Serially manufactured or made in special executions, they deliver a personalised quality solution for your linear motion systems..

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