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Since more than 100 years, SEEGER-ORBIS is the world market leader in fasteners, retaining rings, snap rings/circlips or support and shim washers for a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, for wholesalers, in the field of renewable energies and in mechanical engineering. SEEGER-ORBIS sets the standards for technology, innovation, quality and reliability in these market segments.

  • SEEGER Retaining Rings

From the classic A-Ring or J-Ring to the beveled ring: We have the right retaining ring for every requirement.

  • SEEGER Snap Rings/Circlips

Whether axle, wheel, bearing or shaft: SEEGER snap rings/circlips ensure that the most diverse components are firmly secured.

  • SEEGER Shim and Support Washers

With SEEGER shim and support washers, unintentional axial play can be easily compensated for, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

  • SEEGER Special Components

Special machines require special solutions. We design them together with you on the basis of your plans and drawings.

  • SEEGER Tools and Accessories

SEEGER-ORBIS offers not only optimal retaining and fastening solutions, but also the right tools and accessories.

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