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SBC Linear

In 1989, SBC Linear was incorporated as an import sales company for manufacturing industry items, such as motors or sensors. At that time, only German and Japanese companies were producing Linear Motion Bearing system which is necessary for factory automation. Korea relied on imports from foreign countries, so localization of Linear Motion system was becoming more and more important. Even though no one determined to start localization of Linear Motion system, in 1993, SBC Linear began to develop localization for national development and cost reduction for domestic companies. In 1996, SBC Linear successfully completed localization, and it was the first in the history of Korean industry. SBC Linear is continuously developing the innovative and outstanding products to lead the world market.

  • SBI Ball Guide  Smooth motion with large permissible load and High rigidity in all directions are the main features of SBI series.
  1. Heavy Load Flange Type SBI-FLS/FL/FLL
  2. Heavy Load Slim Type SBI-SLS/SL/SLL
  3. Low Profile Slim Type SBI-HLS/HL/HLL
  4. Compact Slim Type SBI-CLS/CL/CLL
  5. Short Flange Type SBI-FV
  • SBR Roller Guide    SBR linear roller rail system is specialized in high rigidity and load with outstanding running smoothness. Widely used in many machine tool applications.
  1. Roller Flange Type SBR-FL/FLL
  2. Roller Slim Type SBR-SL/SLL


  • SBM Miniature Guide  High load and moment capacity with smooth running are the main features of SBM series.
  1. SBM/SBML Standard/Long Type Miniature
  2. SBM/SBML Standard/Long Type Miniature
  • Rolled Ball Screw  SBC Precision Rolled Ball Screws feature high reliability, smooth operation and High rigidity without backlash. JIS Standards Precision Rolled Ball screw.
  1.     High Reliability
  2.     Smooth Operation
  3.     High Rigidity without Backlash
  • JIS standards  STK/STC
  • JIS standards SLK
  • JIS standards MBS
  • DIN standards SDK
  • DIN standards SDH


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