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The SAMICK Precision Ind. co., Ltd as the enterprise which manufactures the Factory Automation related product with specialty, producing and selling the motion of linear motion bearing which it completes with form technical development.


SAMICK Precision Ind. co., ltd., as a Representative Market Leader of Linear Busing, is now Supplying the Single Body Steel Retainer Assembled Products and Anticorrosive Treated Products. We are Supplying the Steel Retainer Products for High Temperature Application(80~100℃), and we are Supplying the Nichel Plated, Chrome Plated, or Raydent Treated Products for Anticorrosive Function Required Application.

  • LMES : Self Aligning Liner Bushing European Standard Self Aligning Linear Bushing
  • LMES_OP : Self Aligning Liner Bushing_European Standard Self Aligning Linear Bushing
  • LMBS : Self Aligning Liner Bushing_US Standard Self Aligning Linear Bushing
  • LMBS_OP : Self Aligning Liner Bushing_US Standard Self Aligning Linear Bushing
  • LM : Asian Standard Linear Bushing_Asian Standard Linear Bushing
  • LMF : Asian Standard Linear Bushing_Flanged Type Linear Bushing
  • LMFP : Asian Standard Linear Bushing_Pilot Flanged Type Linear Bushing
  • LMFM : Asian Standard Linear Bushing_Middle Flanged Type Linear Bushing
  • SGM : Guide Master_Product List

SAMICK Mc Guide®  high rigidity and accuracy can satisfy high-efficient  HIGH PRECISION GUIDE POST WITH UNLIMITED STROKE

Stainless Linear Bushing   The SUS series of SAMICK Stainless Linear Bushing can be 100% compatible with the existing products for the same dimensional tolerances as standard Linear Bushing.
Corrosion-resistant out sleeves

Corrosion-resistant SUS440C gets sufficient rigidity along with brisk movement and corrosion resistance after applying comprehensive heat treatment.
Precision retainer

The same integral POM retainers are set with the SUS series as the ones used in standard products, but stainless steel retainers are generally recommended to use in high temperature or vacuum environment.
Linear Bushing Housing Units

Samick stainless linear bushing can achieve a full percentage point to interchange and assemble with supporting aluminum housing units.


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