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Ruland Manufacturing

Eighty years is a long time to be in business, and at Ruland we are proud to have reached that milestone in 2017. It all began in 1937 when 20 year old Fred F. Ruland bought two screw machines at a junkyard for $50 each and merged the parts into a working unit.


   Shaft Collar

One Piece Shaft Collar    
Two Piece Shaft Collar    
Threaded Shaft Collar    
Double Wide Shaft Collar    
Heavy Duty Shaft Collar    
Keyed Shaft Collar    Keyed
Mountable Shaft Collar    
Quick Clamping Shaft Collar    
Shaft Collar with Lever    
Set Screw Shaft Collar    
Thin Line Shaft Collar    
Hex and D-Bore Shaft Collar    
Bearing L

    Rigid Coupling

One Piece Rigid Coupling
Two Piece Rigid Coupling
Set Screw Rigid Coupling
Short Rigid Coupling

     Servo Coupling

  Beam Couplings
  Bellows Couplings
 Controlflex Couplings
  Disc Couplings
  Jaw Couplings
  Oldham Couplings
   Rigid Couplings
   Slit Couplings



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