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Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde

Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde is part of thyssenkrupp’s international group of companies. Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde specializes in the manufacture of slewing bearings, antifriction bearings, and seamless rolled rings, which are used internationally in industrial applications.


  • Rothe Erde Slewing Bearings:

Slewing bearings are machine elements which absorb all axial and radial forces, and tilting torques which result from these, in one single latching, ready-to-install bearing unit. thyssenkrupp rothe erde® slewing bearings are accurately constructed and manufactured in accordance with each customer’s requirements.

  • Rothe Erde Slew Drives:

Slew drives are ready-to-mount modules which are capable of transmitting forces and high torques. rothe erde® slew drives consist of a ball bearing and a worm screw enclosed by a housing structure. Possible applications for rothe erde® slew drives are machines in the construction, agriculture and forestry industries.

  • Rothe Erde Rings:

Besides their use in slewing bearings, rothe erde® rings’ applications range from use in all industrial machinery, automotive engineering, aerospace facilities, through to wind turbines and tunnel boring machines. This diversity is primarily made possible by the fact our rings are machined in-house. The experience gained over many years enables thyssenkrupp rothe erde to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s market challenges.  

  • Psl Rolling Bearings:

Under the psl® brand, thyssenkrupp rothe erde manufactures a wide range of single-, double- and multi-row tapered, cylindrical, toroidal and spherical roller bearings.

Our bearings are available in various sizes; The smallest have an inner diameter of 120, the largest an exterior diameter of 3,400 millimetres.

To be able to meet the requirements of the market, we are continuously developing our product range. If you have a question or special request, we are happy to help.

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