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Ringfeder Power Transmission has about 20 product lines among its Ringfeder and Henfel brands. The division’s shaft and hub couplings account for the largest share of turnover. These types of couplings are commonly used in cranes and hoisting devices. Shrink discs comprise another of the division’s products and can be found in transmissions for industrial use. The division’s friction springs is the product category on which the business was founded nearly 100 years ago.

  • Ringfeder Locking Devices

Keyless shaft-hub locking devices have been the cornerstone of the Ringfeder Power Transmission group. For over 50 years, Ringfeder’s internal clamping and external clamping locking devices have been industry leaders. Ringfeder has excelled in offering premium quality locking devices to the market for almost a century. With the same outlook on quality, but at a more economical price, Ringfeder is pleased to offer the Ecoloc devices for budget conscious customers.

  • Ringfeder Damping Technology

The foundation of the Ringfeder organization is the friction spring or RING-spring®. First invented in 1922 and perfected over time, they offer a comprehensive array of shock absorbing devices from metal friction springs to special elastomer DEFORM plus® to the newest liquid dampening fluid system.

  • Ringfeder Special Solutions

With more than ¾ of a century of knowhow and experience, Ringfeder works with customers to craft special solutions to their power transmission needs. Special sizes, special materials, special executions or special circumstances are just some of the benefits of the Ringfeder Power Transmission group.

For more than 30 years, GERWAH has specialized in trail-blazing couplings for driving technology and conveying engineering. These include metal bellows, servo-insert, safety, and magnetic couplings.

  • Ringfeder Magnetic Couplings

Magnetic couplings made by GERWAH are absolutely wear- and abrasion-free - lengthy downtimes due to maintenance or repair are a thing of the past. The synchronous and hysteresis couplings transmit power without establishing direct contact. This qualifies them for a large number of fields of application: from use in hygienically sensible areas to overload protection in really big industrial machines, in recycling facilities or as brakes.

  • Ringfeder Metal Bellows Couplings

Metal bellows couplings made by GERWAH are the perfect choice in many areas where torsionally rigid and backlash-free shaft connections are required. These high-quality products can compensate angular, axial and radial misalignments and transmit the rotational angle with highest precision. Compact shape and low moments of inertia can be taken for granted in our self-aligning couplings.


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