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 Rexroth is a leader in the area of drive and control technologies. As Rexroth, the company supplies solutions for driving, controlling and moving. As The Drive & Control Company, Bosch Rexroth develops, produces and sells components and systems in more than 80 countries in the fields of Electric Drives and Controls, Industrial Hydraulics, Mobile Hydraulics, Linear Technology, Assembly Technology and Pneumatics.

Rexroth linear components and systems are precisely developed and produced are best-in-class machines and automation systems. The high quality and long life  Linear Motion Technology guarantees you maximum system availability. With over 1000 standard components and products and our modular principle, we can always create an individual solution for you.

Bosch Rexroth Profiled Rail Systems

Profiled Rail Systems are the basis for precise machine movements and machining processes of all kinds.

  • Ball Rail Systems
  • Roller Rail Systems
  • Integrated Measuring System
  • Miniature Ball Rail Systems
  • Cam Roller Guides

Bosch Rexroth linear motion systems

Bosch Rexroth’s Linear Bushings and Shafts can be put together from over 1,000 designs and variations to meet all demands and applications. Our products in the Linear Bushing range have a wide variety of usages, tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Standard Range
  • eLINE Linear Bushings and Shafts
  • Steel Shafts

Bosch Rexroth screw assemblies

In the area of mechanical drive technology, Linear Motion Technology from Rexroth offers a wide range of Screw Assemblies. Screw Assemblies are units converting rotary motions into linear motions or vice versa. In this connection, the most important products are the Ball Screw Assembly and the Planetary Screw Assembly.

As user, Rexroth will always provide you with the suitable product and matching accessories for your specific tasks.

  • Ball Screw Assembly
  • Planetary Screw Assembly

Bosch Rexroth linear motion systems

Linear Motion Systems are designed for a wide range of applications running from materials handling technology to light-duty machining jobs in the aluminum, wood and plastics sectors.

Within the scope of its Linear Motion Technology range, Rexroth offers its ready-to-mount Linear Motion Systems with a variety of drive configurations and control systems to meet your production facility’s technical requirements.

  • Compact Modules
  • Linear Modules
  • Functional Modules
  • Precision Modules
  • Ball Rail Tables
  • Omega Modules
  • Feed Modules
  • Linear Motion Slides
  • Drive Units with Ball Screw
  • Controls, Motors

Bosch Rexroth ball transfer and tolerance rings

Bosch Rexroth’s Ball Transfer Units have proven valuable as integral parts of materials handling systems and feed devices supporting machining and packaging equipment.

Tolerance rings are machine elements for the cost-efficient fastening of belt pulleys, flywheels, pump rotors and fan blades, as well as the installation of ball bearings and the fastening of operating elements and simple machine parts.

  • Ball Transfer Units
  • Tolerance Rings

Bosch Rexroth Industrial Hydraulics

Rexroth is a leader in the area of industrial hydraulics with a wide array of products plus application expertise. Starting with a broad range of standard products, Rexroth goes further with application-related systems as well as custom solutions in hydraulics. Sytronix – "Smart interplay of Hydraulics and Electronics" – combines the features and most important advantages of both technologies. Products in that fall under this heading use the long-standing durability and dependability of powerful hydraulics and the energy efficiency and dynamics of compact electronics.

Bosch Rexroth Mobile Hydraulics

Rexroth has all the components, modules and systems for anything that to be hydraulically, mechanically and electronically driven and controlled in your mobile machines. With SILENCE PLUS external gear pumps,



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