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QCB Bearing

QCB is known for innovative design, high quality and customer service. QCB supplies to OEM manufacturers internationally, as well as bearing traders and end users.  QCB offers one of the widest ranges of slewing rings and slewing drives available from a single supplier, and has become a trusted name in slewing ring bearings with a satisfied and international customer base in industries as diverse as mining machinery, materials handling, military, nuclear, offshore oil and gas, access platforms, process treatment plants, wind power, special effects and art installations.

  • Slewing Rings

Slewing rings carry large axial, radial and moment loads within a compact dimension envelope and are used in a wide range of industrial machines. Their use offers an elegant solution to the problem of load carrying, stability and power transmission.
Design, Installation & Maintenance

  • Flanged Light Series

A series of metric and imperial sized light duty slewing rings for a wide variety of industrial applications

  • Solid Section Light Series

A series of solid section slewing rings, with either a ball, or crossed roller construction. This series of rings can again be used in a variety of wide ranging applications.

  • Flanged Heavy Series

A series of 90mm tall flanged slewing rings, for more heavy duty applications where loads are predominantly concentric.

  • Solid Section Medium Series

A series of solid section slewing rings designed to support heavier loads in more demanding applications.

  • Other Stock Slewing Rings

NBC Group boasts an ever-growing list of slewing rings available from stock.

  • Double Row Ball Slew Rings

Double row ball slew rings are ideal in applications where a high moment load is to be supported, a degree of rigidity is required in the bearing system, or there are high radial loads.

  • Triple row slewing rings

Used for very heavy loads and available in either geared or ungeared forms from 634mm to over 12 000mm diameter (possibly segmented)

  • Precision Rotary Turntable Bearings

High precision rotary turntables

  • Thermoplastic Housings

QCB Thermoplastic Housings are manufactured in a high-grade PBT glass-filled thermoplastic polyester and are dimensionally interchangeable with conventional cast-iron housings, resulting in a maintenance free housing with excellent mechanical strength, stiffness and dimensional stability that will never rust or corrode.

QCB® Stainless Bearing Units offer an alternative to QCB® Thermoplastic Bearing Units and are suitable for use in areas subject to frequent washdowns and/or corrosive environments at temperatures up to 120°C

The QCB Stainless steel housing range:

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