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PMI GROUP was established in 1990. They are involved in manufacturing linear rail, a critical component of precision machinery. The linear rail’s optimum design of geometric mechanics ensures the linear guide-way bears the load in all four directions, radial, reverse radial, and two lateral directions.

The rigidity of linear guideway can be easily achieved by preloading carriage and adding the number of carriages.

They also manufacture the Mono Stage KM series actuator, consisting of a linear guide-way and ball screw unit. PMI combine the carriage of linear guideway and nut of ball screw to a integral Carriage-Nut. The carriage-nut works with the U rail designed for high rigidity to achieve the high rigidity and high accuracy in the minimal space, especially to saving installation time.

The KM Actuator is mainly applied to Machine Tool, Electric Discharging Machine, Cutting Wire Machine, Plastics Injection Machine, Semi-conductor Equipment, Precision Orientation Equipment and other equipment and machines.


  •     Rolled Ballscrews     
  •     Linear Guideways
  •     Precision Ball Screw Spline
  •     Ball Spline
  •     Actuator
  •     Precision Locknuts
  •     Ballscrew Support Unit
  •     Hardened & Ground Plated Shaft
  •     Linear Bearings
  •     Rack & Pinion
  •     Hand Clamp
  •     C-Rails


  •     FSBW
  •     FSDN
  •     FSDU
  •     FSDW
  •     FSIN
  •     FSIW
  •     FSKW
  •     FSMW
  •     FSVW
  •     FSWW
  •     RSVW
  •     SSVW

Linear Guideways

  •    MSB Series Compact Type Linear Rail & Guides
  •   MSA Series Heavy Load Type Linear Rail & Guides
  •   MSC/ MSD Series Minature Type Linear Rail & Guides
  •   SME Series Ball Chain Type Linear Rail & Guides
  •   MSG Series Wide Type Linear Rail & Guides
  •   SMR Series Roller Type Linear Rail & Guides


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