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 KS PERMAGLIDE® Plain bearing

Low-maintenance and maintenance-free plain bearings


KS PERMAGLIDE embodies the product characteristic of permanently low-wear sliding. The use of solid lubricants in the plastic matrix makes it possible to use KS PERMAGLIDE® plain bearings from material group P1 (maintenance-free materials) without oil or grease lubrication.

The unique features of KS PERMAGLIDE® P1:

    Universal use
    Low friction values, high wear resistance
    Extremely good performance in dry runs as self-lubricating

Models                           Material
Bushes                         P10 / P11 / P14 / P147
Flange liners                P10 / P11 / P14 / P147
Thrust washers           P10 / P14 / P147
Strips                            P10 / P11 / P14 / P147

Low-maintenance KS PERMAGLIDE® P2 plain bearings, lubrication required

Bushes, thrust washers, strips P20, P200
Models                          Material
Bushes                    P20 / (P22) / (P23) / P200 / (P202) / (P203)
Thrust washers      P20 / (P22) / (P23) / P200 / (P202) / (P203)
Strips                        P20 / (P22) / (P23) / P200 / (P202) / (P203)


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