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PEER manufactures a full line of agricultural, radial, mounted unit ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. PEER manufactures their products in TS- 16949 certified factories they own and control and have flexible capabilities that allow for low to high volume production. PEER Bearing, initially called Archer Bearing was founded in 1943 in Illinois.

PEER Product Lines are divided into Radial Ball Bearings, Agriculture Bearings, Mounted Units, Tapered Bearings, and Oil Bath & Shaft Seals.
PEER Radial Ball Bearings

PEER manufactures a full range of inch and metric radial ball bearings for the global Automotive, Industrial and Distribution markets. PEER's Radial ball bearing product line includes: single row deep groove ball bearings (DGBB); miniature precision single row deep groove ball bearings (Mini DGBB); and double row angular contact ball bearings (DRACBB).

  • PEER Radial Ball Bearings Custom ball bearings can also be developed by PEER engineers and can include non-standard dimensions, non-standard tolerances, proper lubricant selection, increased load carrying capacity, and seal geometries to prevent contamination in harsh environments.
  • Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

R Series (Inch) - The PEER R series, starting with the 1/4 inch bore, is available up to 1 1/2 inches. The Conrad construction of the R series enables these bearings to take a thrust load as well as a radial load.

1600 Series (Inch) - The 1600 Series (Inch) is designed to be interchangeable with standard domestic inch series bearings. By using 52100 steel and holding dimensions to ABEC 1 tolerances, this series offers economy with electric motor quality.

600 Series - The 600 extra small metric series is produced in bore sizes ranging from 4mm to 9mm. These bearings are designed to take adequate radial and thrust loads in proportion to small shaft sizes.

6800 Series - The 6800 series is made with very thin cross sections for applications where space limitations are severe.

6900 Series - The 6900 series can accommodate both radial or combination thrust and radial loads. Due to the smaller pitch diameters the bearings can be used in more confined areas.

Peer Double Row Radial Ball BearingOther PEER Bearing Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing Series include:

    6000 Series - deep groove, Conrad construction bearing
    6200 Series - deep groove, Conrad construction bearing
    6300 Series - similar to 6200 series with larger ball complement
    6400 Series - similar to 5200 and 6300 series with options such as shields, seals and locating rings. Manufactured with a larger ball size enabling the user to significantly increase the load using basically the same shaft parameters.
    16000 Series - deep groove, Conrad construction bearing
    W6200 Series - basic 6200 bearing ball complement with wider widths
    W6300 Cartridge Series - basic 6300 bearing ball complement with wider widths

  • PEER Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

    5200 Series
    5300 Series
    W5200 Series
    W5300 Series

  • Miniature Precision Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

    R, RF
    RI, RIF
    L, LF

Additional PEER Bearing Product Lines:

  • Mast Guide Ball Bearings
    Specially designed bearings to handle mast movements of industrial trucks. This series will handle heavy radial and shock loads. Thick outer rings permit heavy OD loading. Specially designed seals allow the bearings to operate in extreme environments.
  • Thrust Ball Bearings

PEER thrust ball bearings are available in both the single and double direction designs. Either one can take high axial load but no radial load. Besides the conventional design with flat supporting surfaces, the standard includes thrust ball bearings made with spherical housing washers and seating rings.
Collar / Flangette Ball Bearings

  • Self Aligning Ball Bearings

The PEER self-aligning ball bearing is one of the double row type with a spherical raceway in the outer ring. This gives the bearing self-aligning properties and allows it to compensate for misalignment, shaft deflections and housing deformation. Self-aligning ball bearings are available with cylindrical or tapered bore 1:12.

  • Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

The PEER Bearing 7200 series is a light duty series used in applications that call for thrust or combination thrust and radial loads. Standard production is made with 40° contact angle. This series is available with various contact angles. Retainers can be made of various materials: bronze, brass or non-metalic. Duplex pairing is available as well.

  • PEER Agriculture BearingsPEER Agriculture Bearings

PEER Bearing offers a complete range of agricultural standard and special design bearings and assemblies. All popular designs are represented in their full line offering; Disc Harrow, Flanged Disc, and Agricultural Specials including round, square bore, hex bore, and hex bore conveyor bearings. PEER bearings and seals are designed for the demanding conditions found in agricultural applications. PEER's Agriculture Bearings are available with single, double and triple lip shroud seals, and with or without relubrication feature.

  • PEER AgXtreme™ Bearings

These severe environment bearings were developed by PEER for harsh and severe environments. The AST (Advanced Seal Technology) was designed for environments where a standard seal is not durable or rugged enough.

  • TillXtreme™ Maintenance Free Tillage Units

These maintenance free bearing units were recently developed by PEER for use on gang mounted disc tillage equipment. Currently, frequent relubrication of tillage bearings is necessary to maintain proper bearing function. The time spent relubricating bearings on a disc tillage implement results in lost time in the field and reduced productivity. By eliminating the need for bearing relubrication, the PEER TILLXTREME™ units provide substantial value through increased productivity while decreasing maintenance costs and the environmental impact caused by purged grease.

Complete assemblies consisting of AgXtreme bearings and high strength cast, ductile or stamped steel housing are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations. Offering ease of mounting and the same quality of assembly as found in PEER's Mounted Unit line. The ability to combine the advanced features of PEER AG bearings in the needed housing for mounting in production offers many valuable benefits.

  • PEER Mounted UnitsPEER Mounted Units

PEER Mounted Units offer a full range of features and styles to meet the needs of a variety of applications (including HVAC, severe contamination and agriculture). Some of their selling points include:

PEER Ultra-Grip™ Bearings feature an eccentric Locking collar in flush and wide inner ring varieties; dual set screw in flush and wide inner ring varieties; 360° concentric locking patented Grip-It PLUS; adapter lock; 1:12 taper bore, sleeve and locking nut; and concentric locking collar.

    Pillow-Blocks in high grade cast iron, high strength ductile iron, stamped steel, polymer and stainless steel.
    2, 3 and 4 bolt flanges in high grade cast iron, high strength ductile iron, stamped steel, polymer and stainless steel.
    Hanger units, take-up units, cartridge and other specialty use designs.
    Rubber insulators.

  • PEER Tapered Roller BearingsPEER Tapered Roller Bearings

PEER Bearing Company manufactures a targeted range of inch and metric Tapered Roller bearings based on application requirements. Industries include Power Transmission, Off-Highway, Lawn and Garden, Fluid, Automotive and Distribution. PEER's product line includes light to heavy series single and double row Tapered Roller bearings. Cost effective customized solutions are available to meet demanding customer applications. Examples include non-standard dimensions, non-standard tolerances, increased load carrying capacity, special heat treatment, matched pairs, attached seal and automotive steering gear cage and roller assemblies.

  • PEER Oil Bath Shaft SealsPEER Oil Bath & Shaft Seals

PEER Oil Bath Seals are available in standard, optimum and elite product lines which all feature OEM performance; interchangeability with major brands, and competitive pricing.

PEER Shaft Seals are available in industry standard compounds: Nitrile, Polyacrylate, Silicone, Fluoroelastomers and PTFE; feature cases and springs in both carbon steel and stainless steel; have many lip designs, case and seal O.D. constructions available; are available in both inch and metric sizes; ranging from shaft size 0.25 to 12.00 (inches).

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