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PBC Linear Motion

PBC Linear is an Illinois-based manufacturer of quality linear motion products ranging from linear bearings to full actuating systems. PBC Linear, a Pacific Bearing Company, was started by CEO Bob Schroeder (inventor of the self-lubricating linear plain bearing) in 1983 and has since grown into a global manufacturer of linear motion technology.

PBC Linear provides smooth and quiet motion in linear bearings, linear actuators, profile rails, and cam rollers.

  • Linear Bearings & Linear Guides (Round Shaft Technology)

Round Shaft Technology utilizes precision round shafting as the guide way, and combines with linear plane bearings or linear ball bearings for movement. While the shafting is often hardened steel, other materials such as stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum are also readily available.PBC Linear Self Lubricating Plain Bearing All materials are available in the standard industry sizes. RST self lubricating linear plain bearings and linear ball bearings are available wide variety of configurations, and offer solutions for an extensive range of applications. Support rails for round shafting coupled with open bearings offer additional rigidity for heavier loads. Flanged bearings and pillow blocks offer a variety of mounting configurations.

  • Cam Roller Technology and Roller Bearings

Cam Roller Technology uses PBC Linear precision straight rails and a multitude of different sliders and rails to provide high accuracy and high speed linear guidance in an economical solution. Cam followers or track rollers are rolling element bearings with either an PBC Linear Cam Rollersintegral stud or an inseparable inner ring for yoke mounting on a pin or shaft. Cam Roller Technology is ideally suited for material handling, point-to-point, door frame guidance and automation applications. We also offer linear
motion solutions for high load transfer and compact, low profile applications. To meet the needs of our customers, PBC Linear offers numerous modular components, linear guides, and telescopic systems.

  • Integral-V Linear Guide Technology

Integral-V™ Technology (IVT) uses T-slot structural aluminum framing integrated with V-races. IVT provides a complete system build with or without having to incorporate any structural support framework. Hardened steel raceways are directly embedded unto the Integral-V Integrated rail to eliminate fasteners and PBC Linear Integral V Linear Guidesreduce mounting components. The Integrated rail utilizes PBC Linear's SIMO® machining process for precise mounting and alignment on all critical sides—ensuring dimensional and rail form accuracy. This allows the IVT carriages to roll smoothly, accurately and quietly along the rail. Available in 3 different configurations, Integrated IVT is a perfect choice for medium format material handling, machine-tool guidance and extended length transfer applications.

  • Plain Bearing Linear Motion (Gliding Surface Technology)

Gliding Surface Technology adapts plane bearing design to create a simple, two-piece configuration of a rail and carriage with a self-lubricating surface. By utilizing plane bearing design, Gliding Surface Technology offers lower profiles, compact sizes, and smooth, quiet linear motion. Available options and product capabilities provide unlimited design alternatives and configurations. PBC Linear manufactures Gliding Surface Technology to perform and to withstand harsh environments while offering additional advantages: PBC Linear plain bearing linear motion.

  1.     Plane bearing design will not catastrophically fail.
  2.     Vibration dampened offering smooth and quiet linear motion.
  3.     Pre-engineered – ready to use.
  4.     Corrosion resistance to operate in severe applications.
  5.     Light weight aluminum construction.
  6.     Long life without lubrication.
  7.     Compact, space-saving solutions available.
  8.     High loads and high shock resistant.
  • Ball-type Linear Guides (Profile Rail Technology)

Available from PBC Linear are the Chieftek-Precision, Inc., high performance ball-type linear guideways. Perfect for high speed transfer and handling applications, these new linear guidPBC Linear Ball Type Linear Guideses offer both high rigidity and accuracy. Equipped with improved features such as stainless steel reinforced end plates, internal eco-lubrication system and overall dust proof design, these new ball-type linear guides offer high speed and repeatable linear motion at extended life performance. The linear guides are Gothic rofile designed with 45° contact angle to attain equal load and balance the forces in all directions – providing high load capacity and excellent system stability. PBC ‘s ball type linear guides are available in multiple precision options and a wide selection of sizes to directly match up with the customers application requirements.

  • Full range of profile sizes – miniature (3, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 15mm) and standard (15, 20, 25, and 30mm)
  • Multiple precision options: normal (N), high (H), precise (P), super (SP) and Ultra (U)
  • High load and moment capacity
  • Internal eco-lubrication system
  • Dust proof design
  • Stainless Steel Reinforced End plates – enhanced structural design

Linear Actuators Technology

Linear Actuator Technology (LAT) is your ideal choice for automated positioning, transfer and guidance. PBC Linear offers a full assortment of actuators to meet any application needs. Choose from belt, ball-screw, lead screw or un-driven systems complete with a number of mounting and performance accessories. Require a
multi-axis solution? PBC Linear will work with your design team to create a sophisticated assembly that simplifies processes, improves performance and saves on cost.

Precision Linear Motion Drawer Slides (Telescopic Guide Technology) PBC Linear Miniature Actuators

PBC Linear’s roller-based Telescopic Guiding Technology uses extremely versatile mechanical components, capable of solving many problems of linear movement for a telescopic drawer slide where it is desired to move a load out from one side of a fixed support and return to that position. Telescopic guiding technology offers the reliable telescopic linear movement so vital to the successful operation of battery racks, tool shelves, packaging systems, and many other industrial applications. PBC’s
telescopic guiding technology products are the only roller based telescopic slides with load capacity equaling the traditional ball cage rails, and they also offer a uniquely smooth and precise feel. Materials include stainless steel, aluminum, and hardened steel. PBC’s range of offerings combined with our linear expertise enables you to be sure that you are getting the right telescoping and drawer mount components for your application.

  •     Industrial strength drawer slides in inch and metric lengths
  •     Precision and Compact Precision telescoping slides in attractive black finish
  •     Smoother, more precise telescopic motion than ball-cage slides
  •     Radial and axial load handling capability
  •     Unique self-aligning capability compensates for assembly or surface alignment errors
  •     Full extension slides offer strokes slightly beyond the overall closed length
  •     Designed to operate with minimum maintenance

PBC Linear® recently introduced the new SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform. The SIMO Series is PBC Linear Simo Seriesa family of linear motion solutions designed to put flexibility into the Design Engineer’s hands. The options begin with a choice of rail heights; low profile for tight spaces or a tall version for greater structural integrity. Each of these aluminum rails is qualified through the patent pending SIMO process where machined accuracies at extrusion prices are achieved. With 3 tribology choices, 3 drive choices, and multiple assembly options that are all interchangeable within the same dimensional geometry, the SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform can be configured and optimized for a single axis, or combined to create a multi-axis XYZ system.


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