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When you need something to roll, Osborn Load Runners has got you covered. Since the 1960s,They helping customers drive greater productivity and profitability with our custom equipment roller options. Our robust assemblies are used in dozens of industries and hundreds of applications.

At Osborn Load Runners, every piece we make is designed to perform. Whether meeting the extreme demands of the cement industry, the production goals of an assembly line, or the design challenges of a sports stadium, Osborn Load Runners is guaranteed to keep you rolling.

  • Load Runners - Ball/Tapered Roller Bearings:

Osborn Load Runners are the ultimate heavy-duty load rail and idler roller solution in the industry, providing precision performance across numerous applications. Available in all standard configurations -- either metric or imperial, stud- or yoke-style – ranging in rolling sizes up to 12 inches, Load Runners help reduce your design time and lower overall material handling system costs. If you don't see what you need, Osborn has the ability to custom design Load Runners to meet your specific application


  • Flanged:
  1. Flanged Crowned Eccentric Stud
  2. Flanged Eccentric Stud
  3. Flanged Concentric Stud
  4. Flanged Yoke
  5. Flanged Crowned Concentric Stud
  • Plain:
  1. Plain Crowned Yoke
  2. Plain Eccentric Stud
  3. Plain Concentric Stud
  4. Plain Yoke
  • V-Groove:
  1. V-Groove Concentric Stud
  2. V-Groove Eccentric Stud
  3. V-Groove Yoke
  • Other:
  1. Heavy Duty Shafts
  2. Load Rails
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