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Oil-less bearings are self-lubricating, plain bearings. They are used not only in mechanical equipment such as automobiles, information devices, electrical machines, heavy industry/plants, and production equipment, but their use and scope of application also extends to a wide range of industries, including civil engineering and building structures. They help to reduce maintenance, conserve energy, and prevent environmental pollution.

The friction, wear, and lubrication fields of technology are jointly referred to as "tribology." Oiles Corporation Group is constantly introducing new products into the market and increasing our market competitiveness by mastering the tribology and damping (vibration control) categories. We are making every effort to ensure stable profits in any environment and to increase our ongoing business valuation by restructuring the management of the entire group and improving the quality of our management.

Associated with bearings in a broad sense, every machine is designed to run smoothly without a hitch. The bearings are largely divided into roller bearings and plain bearings.

Normal plain bearings tend to seize because of a high load, movement form, mixture of foreign matters, temperature condition, improper lubrication and maintenance, and so on.

Even in the condition where these normal plain bearings are not suitable, OILES bearings exhibit the performance requested for the bearings, such as wear resistance and seizure resistance, to materialize performance enhancement and maintenance-free devices.

Oiles bearings are environmentally friendly plain bearings that require either no lubrication, or a reduced frequency and amount of lubrication. They are widely used in various industrial machines, including automobiles.


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