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OAV Air Bearing

Currently, OAV is the leading manufacturer of the recently advanced Air Bearing technology and motion systems. Our past experience with Aerospace, military specs, materials, and top engineers makes our product unmatchable.


The OAV air bushing is designed to make air bearings available for use with pre-existing designs based on round shaft guides. These components run on standard precision steel shafts, and are available in Metric or English sizes. OAV provides an option to use titanium and other special materials to maximize stiffness and load capacity.


Tapered Bearing most widely used roller air bearing in the industry. OAV tapered Air Bearing consists of two main components: the inner assembly and the outer-cage. It is typically mounted in opposing pairs on a shaft. Air supply through the shaft with cross-hole or inlet from the outer-cage.
OAV Tapered Roller Air Bearings standard sizes are available up to 75mm ID Outer-Cage spin or inner-race spin with options. Air supply through the shaft with cross-hole or inlet from the outer-cage.


A breakthrough innovation from OAV Air Bearings. An ultra precise, hard-installable replacement for conventional bearings. The result: no friction, no contact, no maintenance, no heat generation at high speeds, and an indefinite operating life.


The Outer Spin Rotary Air Bearing provides the ability to spin outer rings with an incredible accuracy of TIR± 1 millionths inches (.025 microns) while maintaining zero friction and contact, zero maintenance, no generation of thermal energy at high speeds, and a limitless operating life. This ultraprecise, hard-installable innovation is here to replace conventional bearings with unmatched improvements and efficiency.


Oav thrust Air Bearing is a breakthrough innovation in Air bearing technology. For the first time, an Air bearing is available that fully integrates and works on 3 way Frictionless surface. Oav Thrust air bearings configurations runs on standars size shafting for fixed or linear motion while maximizing rotational motion with ultra precision and zero friction using Aerospace quality Aluminum.


We offer a line of flat rectangular air bearing components designed to meet the non-contact requirements at low-cost while yielding high performance. OAV Flat Air Bearings are often used as a standard, off-the-shelf solution for providing axial constraint in rotary motion applications. Our standard product line is available in metric sizing as well as the custom sizing made to order upon request.



OAV Modular Air Bearing design that subdivides motion system into smaller install-able parts. OAV modular air bearing can be independently installed and then used in different systems and different shapes. OAV modular air bearing make use of industry standards for interfaces.


OAV Profile Rail Guides consist of next generation OAV Air Bearings technology, and is manufactured using premium grade aircraft quality mateiral. OAV Air Bearing guides include the Box Series, T-Series , U-series, and the Dovetail Series. OAV Air Bearings offer a wide range of styles, sizes and unique features produced for easy retrofitting into both new and existing applications.


The OAV Vacuum Pre-loaded Air Bearing works on flat, non-porous surfaces such as granite, aluminum, glass, and ceramics, and its round design allows for smooth, frictionless motion. We offer a variety of sizes that can easily be used for custom air bearing systems. The OAV Vacuum Pre-loaded Air Bearing combines the use of air pressure and vacuum, allowing for the air bearing to be held down while simultaneously being lifting from surface.



Flat Round Air Bearings by OAV work on level, non-porous surfaces such as granite, aluminum, glass, and ceramics. OAV offers a variety of sizes which can easily be used to customize air bearing systems. The OAV Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing utilizes a combination of air pressure and vacuum space to allow the air bearings to be held down whilst simultaneously being lifted from the surface.


Oav thrust Air Bearing's another breakthrough innovation its latest High-Temperature Thrust Air Bearings. OAV High-Temperature Air Bearings for the temperature to the point where it becomes a problem. Applications under exposure to extremely high  speeds, high ambient temperatures, and hot process  OAV engineers can adjust to keep Air bearings cools factoring with Material type, fluid flow and airflow so you can operate under high-temperature without sacrificing precision or quality.

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