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Nook Industries

Nook Industries manufactures inch and metric mechanical and electro-mechanical actuators, assemblies and components, including: Modular Linear Actuators, Ball Screw, Roller Screw, Acme Screw, and Lead Screw Assemblies, Ball Splines, End Bearing Supports, Worm Gear Screw Jacks, Electric Cylinder Actuators, HRC 60 Linear Shafting, Profile Rail Linear Guides, Linear Slides, Bearings and Pillow Blocks.

Nook Linear Actuators Nook produces precision, cost-effective solutions that combine traditional linear motion product design with cutting edge engineering and manufacturing technology. Whether your application calls for an off-the-shelf linear motion component or a custom engineered solution, Nook Industries products have the high performance level and the quality you need.

Nook Modular Linear Actuators are flexible positioning systems made of self-supporting and wear resistant aluminum profiles. Modular linear actuators can be used as a single axis solution or assembled for a multitude of gantry XY and XYZ positioning duties including inspection, pick-and-Nook Linear Actuatorplace, assembly or dispensing applications. They are fully assembled with either roller bearing, profile rail or V-groove guidance and are driven by a belt, ball screw, acme screw or linear motor. Matched non-driven models are available for system guidance requirements. Over 35 models, each with several available sizes, meet the requirements of guidance, load and speed for precision and commerical linear motion applications.

NOOK Precision Profile Rail Linear Guide Systems are interchangeable with other manufacturersprovide stable and efficient linear motion guidance under variable speeds and high load conditions.

NOOK Precision Profile Rail runner blocks are available in two designs: One utilizing steel return tubes for ball recirculation; and the other  a plastic end cap for ball recirculation. The tube type recirculation system enables the runner block to be used for higher speed applications. The plastic end cap runner block is narrower in width than the return tube style block. Eight different models are available to meet the requirements of height, loads, mounting holes, etc.

Nook Industries Bal Screw Nook Planetary Roller Screws are used in the most demanding and precise linear motion applications. With a greater number of contact points a roller screw provides stiffness and higher load ratings compared to a ball screw.


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