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In cooperation with the partners NOK Corporation (Japan), Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (Europe) and Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies (USA), the locally-manufactured product range is continuously expanded in line with market requirements. Market success is based on those factors which also account for the success of the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies / NOK Corporation network in other regions, namely technological leadership and quality.

  • Oil Seals:

Oil seals are functional parts used to seal oil. Composed of synthetic rubber, metal rings and springs, they prevent the leakage of lubricants from gaps within machines and bearings. They also prevent the entry of dust from the outside.

  • O-Rings:

O-rings are O-shaped ring packings. They are appropriately compressed by fitting into grooves, and prevent leakage of various fluids, including oil, water, air and gas.

  • Hydraulic Packing:

"Packing" is a collective term for sealing devices that are mounted on the moving parts of hydraulic, pneumatic, and water-pressure equipment.







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