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The NB® (Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd.) traces its history back to 1939 to the "Yamazaki Iron Works" company in Japan. Today, NB is renown for its specialization in linear motion bearing products and systems. NB linear motion bearing products include, among other products, the following:

  •     NB Slide Guides are high-precision and high-rigidity linear bearings designed to utilize the motion of rolling elements. They have numerous advantageous characteristics including low friction, no stick/slip, and smooth linear motion even under high load conditions. Since they can maintain their high-efficiency and high-functionality characteristics for an extended period of time, they meet a wide range of needs, from general industrial to precision machinery.
  •     NB Ball Spline is a linear motion mechanism utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements. It can be used in a wide variety of applications including robotics and transport type equipment.
  •     NB Rotary Ball Spline can be used for both rotational motion and linear motion. It can be used in scalar robots, the vertical shaft of assembly equipment, and tool changers and loaders.
  •     NB Slide Bushings are linear motion mechanisms utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements. This consists of the outer cylinder and a ball retainer that guide the circulation of the ball elements, resulting in smooth linear motion. Moreover, NB Slide Bushings are fully compatible with a variety of shaft types.
  • NB Slide Units are available. Their high precision blocks increase the accuracy of machinery and other equipment. The blocks can be constructed of resin to reduce cost and weight. The use of standard shaft end supports and shaft support rails simplifies the components. The use of commercial units helps to reduce design time and installation and component costs.
  • NB Shafts is used with bearings such as a slide bush in order to obtain highly accurate linear motion. When used in combination with a slide bush, the shaft performs as the inner race of the bearing system. The quality and accuracy of the shaft directly affect the performance of the slide bush. NB slide shaft is manufactured with an emphasis on quality and accuracy to ensure stable functionality under many operating conditions. Superior performance is guaranteed for both rotational motion and combined rotation and linear motion.
  • NB Slide Way is a non-recirculating linear motion bearing utilizing precision rollers. It is used primarily in optical and measurement equipment where high precision movement is required. Precision rollers are used as the rotating element. Since they do not recirculate, there is less frictional resistance fluctuation. Additionally, there is little or no difference between the static and dynamic frictional resistances.   
  • NB Actuator is a compact single axis actuator which integrates a slide guide and precision ball screw. BG type offers compact dimensions and outperforms conventional positioning tables. This is made possible by a unique "U" shaped guide rail and slide block which provides multiple functions of a guide block and a ball screw nut combined into a single unit.
  • NB Positioning Tables are general purpose precision positioning tables that employ pulse motors and make high levels of speed and accuracy possible. For guidance, an NB slide way (NCT type), NB slide guide (NPT type, NBL type) and NB Slide unit (NSL type) are all built-in, and precision ball screws are used in the conveyance apparatus, so that assured precision is guaranteed from high speeds to low speeds.


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