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Since their establishment in 1939, Nippon Bearing (NB) has been highly recognized and widely supported globally as a pioneer of linear motion product manufacturing.

When you are facing a linear motion requirement — whether it is general machinery, optical equipment or high-precision measurement machines — NB has your solution. Their experts apply their decades of experience to designing and manufacturing award-winning linear rails, slides, bearings, and guides for a vast array of industry needs. They combine compact size, high-load capacity, flexible mounting options and high resistance to demanding environments. Let NB and National Precision Bearing be your partner for excellent linear guides and rails that unlock your maximum potential for efficiency and reliability.

Choosing the Right Linear Motion Solution:
Whatever your linear motion problem, NB has the right solution. If you need extremely high precision, rigidity to adverse conditions, or a compact linear slide and guide system to reduce your machine size, NB and National Precision have you covered.

High load bearing capacity thanks to their multiple-point, omnidirectional ball bearing loading Compact block assemblies with low height and optional wide body mounting surfaces All-steel construction with various grades of stainless-steel and corrosion-resistant coatings A multitude of dust and high-temperature features for use in adverse conditions High-precision rail machining that limits friction provides long service life Retained, recirculating-ball options for easy installation Choice of tapped or countersunk mounting holes to accommodate all of your devices You can incorporate NB linear guides and rails in a variety of machines. Many of their linear slides and guides include permanent lubrication that increases the life of your system and reduces downtime. With NB, you can enjoy increased efficiency thanks to high linear transitions, high loads, extreme precision and limited maintenance.

NB Product Offering:

  • Linear Guides/NB Slide Guides
  • Ball Splines/NB Ball Splines
  • Cross Roller Guides
  • Linear Bushings
  • Linear Stages, Shafts and Screws

They combine compact size, high-load capacity, flexible mounting options and high resistance to your demanding application.

  • Linear Guides/NB Slide Guides
  • Needle Roller Guide – Exrail
  • Linear Guide - SGL Type
  • Linear Guide - SGW Type
  • Miniature Linear Guides - SEB Type
  • Miniature Cross Roller Linear Guides - SER Type
  • Ball Splines/NB Ball Splines
  • Ball Spline - SSP and SSPM Types
  • Rotary Ball Spline - SPR and SPB Types
  • Stroke Ball Spline -
  • Ball Screw Spline
  • Cross Roller Guides
  • Cross Roller Guides - NV and SV Types
  • Cross Roller Tables
  • Miniature Ball Slide SYBS
  • Curved Cross Roller Guides
  • Linear Bushings
  • NB Slide Bushing
  • High Load Linear Bushing - NB Topball Series
  • Linear Stroke Rotary Bushing - SR Type
  • Slide Rotary Bushing - SRE and RK Types
  • Linear Stages, Shafts and Screws
  • Linear Stages-NB Actuator BG Type
  • NB Linear Shaft
  • NB Spindle Shaft
  • NB Slide Screw


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