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Natec Japan is Specialized in Linear Motion Bearings and Units.

The Natec linear bushing consists of an outer cylinder, ball retainer, balls and two end rings. 
The ball retainer which holds the balls in the recirculating tuucks in held inside the outer cylinder by end rings.
Those parts are assembled to optimize their required functions.The outer cylinder is maintained sufficient hardness by heat treatment, therefore if ensures the bushings projected travel life and satisfactory duravbility.The ball retainer is made from steel or synthetics resin.The steel retainer has high rigidity, obtained by heat treat meant.

Natec Japan Offers Below Product Range

  • Linear Bush
  • Slide Units
  • Slide Shafts
  • Shaft Support Units

Features of Natec Linear Motion Products

  • High Precision and Rigidity
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Ease of Replacement


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