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Nadella have been a specialist manufacturer in needle roller bearings since the 1930's. Not only producing standard sizes, Nadella have gone on to produce some unique solutions using the needle roller format.

  • Nadella Radial Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies

Radial needle roller and cage assemblies have a steel cage that provides both inward and outward retention for the needle rollers. The designs provide maximum cage strength consistent with the inherent high loadratings of needle roller bearings. Accurate guidance of the needle rollers by the cage bars allows for operation at high speeds. Needle roller and cage assemblies have either one or two rows of needle rollers.

  • Nadella Needle Bushes

Needle bushes consist of a thin, heat treated outer ring formed from accurately controlled sheet steel encasing a set of needles. Bushes may have a full complement of needles held in the outer ring by their ends or by grease; others have the needles mounted in a cage which is prevented from moving laterally in the outer ring. These bearings which occupy very little radial space are particularly economical to use and possess a high load capacity, relative to their size.

  • Nadella Drawn Cup Roller Clutches

Drawn cup roller clutches transmit torque between shaft and housing in one direction and allow free overrun in the opposite direction. When transmitting torque, either the shaft or the housing can be the input member. Applications are generally described as indexing, backstopping or overrunning.

  • Nadella Bearings with Cage-Guided Needles

Caged needle bearings possess an outer ring made from through- hardened bearing steel. The cage guides the needles and retains them in the outer ring. The bearings may be used without an inner ring if the shaft journal serving as a raceway is of sufficient hardness and has the correct surface finish. To ensure that the full load capacity of these bearings is achieved, a hardness of 58-64 HRC is required. Lower hardnesses require reducing both dynamic and static load capacities.

  • Nadella Full Complement Needle Bearings

Full complement needle bearings have a through-hardened outer ring which results in high static and dynamic load capacities and an ability to withstand overloading, shocks and vibration. They are particularly suitable for operations involving oscillating motion but may also accept high speed conditions where good alignment is necessary. This can more easily be achieved using a convex inner ring raceway. Retaining needles in the outer ring enables easy installation during assembly.

  • Nadella Cam Followers

Nadella cam followers are designed to run directly on various types of surface such as cams, ramps and slideways. To withstand the heavy radial loads and substantial, repeated shocks ususally imposed on this type of bearing, the various Nadella cam followers have a number of advantages. Thes include deformations that reduce the load capacity of the bearing, contact surfaces or cylindrical outer ring for reducing contact pressure, and replenishment through the shaft.


  • Nadella Needle and Roller Thrust Bearings

The rolling elements of a thrust bearing are retained and guided in radial pockets within the cage which is retained in relation to the plate by means of a steel ring. This assembly of parts is easy to handle and install and provides a high axial load capacity while minimizing space. The design of Nadella thrust bearings serves to reduce friction between the rolling elements and the cage that guides them. The special design of the one-piece steel cage ensures operation without wear or overheating.

  • Nadella Combined Needle Bearings

Nadella combined needle bearings are designed to simultaneously support both a radial and an axial load. They include a needle thrust bearing (or roller thrust bearing) and needle cage housed in a common outer ring. These bearings form one integral unit permitting easy storage, handling and fitting. Their high radial and axial load capacities and small space requirement are a cost effective solution for a variety of applications.

  • Nadella Precision Combined Bearings with Adjustable Axial Preload

Nadella precision combined bearings consist of a radial needle bearing with or without a cage, in an outer race, with a high radial thickness, each face of which acts as a raceway for a needle or roller thrust bearing. The inner ring, secured laterally between the thrust plates, acts as the inner radial raceway. Precision combined bearings take up very little space and are recommended for shafts requiring precise axial positioning, operating under high loads.

  • Nadella Sealing Rings

Nadella sealing rings are made from synthetic rubber and incorporate a metal insert. They have the same inner and outer dimensions as Nadella needle bushes and the radial portion of our combined bearings. The recommended housing and shaft tolerances for these bearings ensure a tight fit of the sealing ring in the housing bore and the optimum friction between lip and shaft. The simple installation of this seal, requiring no special machining, provides a very economical seal within a minimum space.

  • Nadella Needle Rollers

In certain applications, the limited amount of space available for bearings and the loads to be supported require the use of a full complement of needles independent of any system of retention. The dimensions of the needle, diameter and length, are determined in relation to the load capacity required. The needles are placed directly between shaft and housing without the use of inner or outer rings. In rotating applications where the load capacity requires the use of needles that are long in relation to the shaft diameter, it is preferable to employ two rows of needles of equal length separated by a spacer ring. In such cases, the needles must be selected with diameters in the same tolerance class.

  • Nadella Inner Rings

When it is impractical to meet the shaft raceway design requirements (hardness, surface finish, case depth, etc.) standard inner rings may be used. Inner rings are made of rolling bearing steel and after hardening, their bores, raceways and end surfaces are ground. Inner rings may be used to provide inner raceway surfaces for radial needle roller bearings, needle roller bearings and needle bushes with opened and closed end.   


Linear modules for high speeds: universal application as a low-cost single axis or in combination with further axes from our system range for complex multi-axis systems. Nadella’s building block system for linear modules provides all linear motion technology components up to the motor interface:

Systems with roller guides or THK recirculating ball guides, with belt drive or ball screw drive, suitable for direct, cross or portal links or as a single module system. You can realise your design quickly and precisely using these universal motion and positioning modules.


Nadella telescopic slides are available in different versions, which are classified according to their extension ratio and their load capacity into part extensions, full extensions, heavy-duty extensions and over extensions.

This results in a large number of versions, depending on the stroke, height, load and available installation space. Effective production of the telescopic rails enables short delivery times with high flexibility.

Nadella telescopic slides are always protected against corrosion. As standard, the steel receives a blue chromate coating. Other colours such as black or olive and other surface treatments such as zinc or nickel plating are available. For applications in the food sector or shipbuilding, stainless steel slides are available.


The MONORAIL BM system, with the new-generation guides and recirculating ball bearings, guarantees high load capacity, high precision of movement, rigidity and smoothness; furthermore, the new pad, redesigned to simplify the movement of the balls in the recirculation tracks, allows a silent and homogeneous rolling.


The adjusting locking/unlocking nuts and rings are used whenever precision mechanisms require a precision clamping as well as a powerful and safe locking, but above all for adjusting and clamping all type of bearings. The original clamping system is constituted from a part of the threaded section of the adjusting nut or ring (threaded clamping spring).

When tightening the hexagon grub screws clamping is applied with a very strong pressure onto the threaded spring which meshes perfectly into the corresponding threads of the shaft or spindle. The Nadella adjusting nuts and rings can be easily mounted, dismounted and reused without losing the precision features.


The axial ball sleeves are made to be applied in simple linear precision movements, without travel limits and are mounted on ground and hardened steel shafts. They consist of an outer ring in hardened, ground and lapped steel, a brass or polyamide cage and precision steel balls.

They are normally completed with lateral sealing rings in plastic material. They are supplied in different accuracy classes and, with a friction coefficient of about 0.002, they allow the longitudinal displacement of loads, even high ones, with a minimum expenditure of energy and strength.


Cardan joints made by molding from very thick steel sheets, are intended for use on mechanical transmissions and special steering systems. They are derived from cardan joints made for the steering of vehicles that equip large-sized cars and heavy trucks. The forged steel cruises are supported by four Nadella roller cases equipped with sealing rings. For operation in aggressive environments they are protected against oxidation by black paint or can be galvanized.

In addition to cardan joints Nadella is able to provide complete cardan transmissions as well as steering columns for cars, city cars, small road vehicles, floor cleaning machines and various vehicles. Massive universal joints and telescopic transmissions Solid universal joints obtained from solid, particularly suitable for power transmissions (up to 700 Nm) and for applications in the most diverse industrial sectors. Depending on the specific application, the following are available: in the version with cruise on sliding pins (LE and GE series) or supported by four roller cases (WE series). They can be supplied in stainless steel also in telescopic versions.


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