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Myonic is an international industrial bearing manufacturer that has been part of the MinebeaMitsumi group of companies since 2009. The MinebeMitsumi group comprises 66 subsidiaries in 18 countries, leads the competition with new methods and technologies, and consistently strives for innovation through investment, research and development.

Myonic products have consistent high precision and are used in numerous applications. Myonic products are used when you require high rotational speeds, low friction and low noise levels with high product lifecycles.

National Precision Bearing is your source for Myonic and continually work with the factory to offer cost optimized technical solutions.

Key Myonic Products:

Highest precision miniature ball bearings are used in the area of medical, vacuum, foodstuff, aerospace and high-speed technology as well as in many other industrial applications. Myonic offers innovative and economic solutions through sustainability in quality, speed and flexibility. Due to their many years of experience in dealing with extreme conditions, they are able to offer tailor made solutions for every customer.

  • Ball Bearings
  • Dental Bearings
  • Machine Tool
  • Ball Bearings

Myonic products have consistent high precision and are used in all kinds of applications to meet high rotational speeds, low friction moments, maximum rigidities, low noise levels at the smallest dimensions with high product lifecycles.

Myonic also has a ball bearing solution ready for standard applications or can develop this in cooperation with the customer. During this process, the material selection, the lubricant, the closures and the design of the interior geometry of the ball bearing are very important. This makes it possible for myonic ball bearings to achieve 1 million rotations per minute and can be used at temperatures above 500°C or below -180°C, in a high vacuum or in a dry helium atmosphere.
Dental Instrument Bearings

Dental bearings must be able to withstand the most extreme conditions and at the same time are one of the most decisive components for the performance of a dental instrument. To consistently improve this performance, an individual solution must always be sought and implemented consistently.

For decades, myonic has supplied customers worldwide with its innovative and reliable dental bearings and has earned itself an exceptional market position. Severe operational challenges such as rotational speeds of up to 500,000 rpm, vibrations, superheated steam or different cleaning media can be met by using Myonic dental products.

Myonic solutions can be found in turbines, contra angle handpieces and dental motors.

Aside from the individual design, these challenges are met with a systematic selection of materials and lubricants.

  • Machine Tool Bearings

The machine tool industry requires capable system partners to continue to increase its own competitiveness. The necessary short development cycles require maximum flexibility and innovative solution approaches.

Myonic products are used in rotary table systems and rotary axes as well as in linear propulsion units.

The precision requirements are met using state-of-the-art production technologies. The manufacturing processes used at myonic enable optimised geometries while maintaining maximum precision and flexibility.


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