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The Morse line of clutches covers a wide range of sizes and capacities, which handle the majority ofindustrial applications. However, there are applications that require special designs to meet specificapplication needs.Emerson Power Transmission offers engineering assistance in both design and application to helpmeet these specialized requirements

  • M Series Clutch

Self-contained clutch designed for a widevariety of applications•  Cam cage assembly engineered for optimumperformance and increased capacity•  Two ball bearings included to support radialload and concentricity between races

  • MZEU Series

Full complement of cams•  Two bearings incorporated for concentricitycontrol•  Symmetric, building block components


  • Conveyor Backstop Clutches

Self-contained clutches created for hightorque applications where reverse rotation ofa head-shaft must be prevented•   Manufactured with large diameter rollers toprovide bearing, clutch support, andmaintain concentricity between inner andouter races

  • KK15 - KK40 Series

Self-contained ball bearing and cam clutch•  Designed with same dimensions asstandard metric light series ball bearing•  Press fit option for shaft and housing

  • NSS Series  

Designed with the same overalldimensions of a metric 200 light seriesball bearing•  Created with an inner race containing akeyseat and an outer race that press fits inhousing

  • NFS Series

Designed with the same overall dimensionsas medium 300 series metric ball bearing•  Manufactured with an inner race containinga key-seat and an outer race containing keyslots•  Furnished with protective oil

  • B Series Clutches  Rugged cam clutch designed forapplications where space and weight arefactors in clutch selection•   Full complement of cams held in the outerraces•   Input shaft used as the inner race must behardened and ground to size•   Interchangeable with competitors’ products•   Bearing support and lubrication required•   Primarily used for backstop applications
  • B-200A Series Bore range ........... 0.650" - 2.209"Torque range ........ 39 - 575 lb–ft.
  • B-500A Series Bore range ........... 0.650" - 2.04"Torque range ........ 60 -1,250 lb–ft.
  • PB3A - PB16A Series  Self-contained clutch designed with a bronzebushing for bearing support•  Hub diameter used for mounting auxiliarycomponents such as gears, pulleys andsprocke
  • HT Series  Designed for use on the end of a shaft•  Created for applications requiring spacerestrictions•  Integral bearing to help maintainconcentricity
  • BR Series Features  Lift- off cam design provides contact freeoperation between the cams and races forincreased wear life•  Symmetrical design allows operation ineither direction
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