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KTR Corporation was founded in Michigan City, Indiana in 1988 and is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified, SAP driven organization with a 42,000 square foot manufacturing, warehousing and sales office facility that employs a team of over fifty power transmission specialists to ensure the excellent quality of KTR Couplings and other products. KTR’s strategic location and product mix means they are able to supply KTR Couplings and other products to customers throughout North and Central America.

KTR manufactures well-engineered, high-quality components which improve the performance of the entire drive system. KTR products have high standards for capacity and compact design. KTR's product line began over 40 years ago with the BoWex® curved tooth gear coupling and the ROTEX® torsionally flexible jaw coupling. Continuous advancement and development have consistently led KTR to new applications and products.

KTR Couplings:

1. Flexible jaw couplings and pin & bush couplings - Torsionally flexible jaw couplings and pin & bush couplings are suitable to offset axial, radial and angular displacements and dampen vibrations and torque shocks. Their Range includes: torsionally flexible jaw couplings (ROTEX), torsionally flexible and fail-safe shaft couplings (ROFLEX and POLY-NORM), torsionally flexible shaft couplings (POLY) and flexible pin & bush couplings (REVOLEX).

2. Gear Couplings / Curved-Tooth Gear Couplings- The torsionally stiff gear couplings operate according to the curved-tooth gear principle. As a result edge pressure in the spline is avoided with angular and radial displacements by the gear coupling.​

  • BoWex curved-tooth gear couplings
  • GEARex all-steel gear couplings

3. Backlash-free Servo Couplings / Shaft Couplings- The servo couplings are torsionally stiff shaft couplings soft in bending serving as a connection element between drive unit and measuring sensor. Their range of includes jaw couplings (ROTEX GS), metal bellow-type couplings (TOOLFLEX), servo laminae couplings (RADEX-NC) and shaft encoder couplings (COUNTEX).

4. Steel Laminae Coupling - All-steel couplings with laminae sets made of high-strength and stainless spring steel.

  • RADEX®-N steel laminae couplings
  • RIGIFLEX®-N Steel laminae couplings
  • RIGIFLEX® High-performance couplings

5. Highly Flexible Shaft Couplings - Highly flexible shaft couplings are suitable for offsetting high axial, radial and angular displacements and damping vibrations and torque shocks.

  • EVOLASTIC® highly flexible shaft couplings
  • BoWex® HEW Compact curved-tooth gear coupling

6. Flange Couplings

  • BoWex® torsionally stiff flange coupling FLE-PA / FLE-PAC
  • BoWex-ELASTIC®
  • Pump mounting flanges

7. Magnetic Couplings- The magnetic couplings of the MINEX range are permanent-magnetic couplings transmitting the torque without contact through magnetic forces between two magnetic rotors.

  • MINEX®-S with containment shroud
  • MINEX® hysteresis coupling

8. Fluid Coupling / Hydrodynamic Coupling- The fluid couplings by KTR Systems are hydrodynamic couplings for hydrodynamic power transmission according to the Foettinger principle.​

Other KTR Product Lines

KTR also manufactures an extensive line of Torque Limiters including RUFLEX, SYNTEX and KTR SI. KTR Clamping Sets include self-centering, not self-centering, external clamping set, and stiff shaft coupling products. The KTR DATAFLEX measuring system offers a complete solution for measuring torque and speed at low cost with a new patented measurement technique, very high signal bandwidth and is maintenance-free and contactless.

KTR Hydraulic Components include Bellhousing and accessories, damping elements, tanks and thermomanagement. Miscellaneous components include precision joints and clamping nut.

KTR-STOP Brake System

KTR introduced a newly developed brake system in 2011. KTR-STOP is a hydraulic brake system based on an existing product which has been further developed to include, among other features; corrosion-resistant protection; compact and lightweight design; long service life of the lining which lowers operating expenses; hydraulic power packs and an intelligent control system further increase the adaptability of the system to conditions found in offshore wind parks, surface mining, and other applications.

KTR-STOP® brake systems display their full strength as yaw brakes for aligning and locking the turbine in the wind. The permanent change between “STOP and GO” requests for particularly low-wear components with gigantic locking pressure of up to 500 kN per brake in order to protect the turbine against wind gust and dynamic load permanently. On large turbines above one megawatt, up to ten active disc brake callipers having such power are used.

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