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KMF is german Manufacture rolling bearings and linear systems

  •  Slim-Split-Bearing : Due to the splitted or opened bearing rings. Various bearings with various shapes and cross-cuts are available. All of them are manufactured with most modern and self-de-veloped manufacturing methods. These bearings are manufactured at the company KMF – Kunststoff-Metall-Formteile under consideration of highest precision, quality and repeatability.
  • Thin Ring Bearing
  • Wire Ball Bearing

 WIRE-BALL-BEARING  results  due  to  the  wires  which  hold  the  rolling  elements.  To  this product  range  various  bearings  with  various  shapes  and  cross-cuts  are  available.  All  of  them  have  in  com-mon that they are manufactured with most modern and self-developed manufacturing methods and that they can  be  used  as  an  alternative  for  Slim  split  bearings.  These  bearings  are  manufactured  at  the  company KMF – Kunststoff-Metall-Formteile under consideration of highest precision, quality and repeatability.

  1. Wire ball bearing KVE
  2. Whisper-Wire ball  bearing DFX
  3. Wire ball bearing MVE
  4. Wire ball bearing ZVE
  6. Wire ball bearing KER        
  7. Wire ball bearing KED
  8. Wire ball bearing KEDD
  • Ball bearing cages

KMF cage strips in metre lengths can be used for ball or roller tracks for every diameter. Due toa specially selected profile, where the ring sliding area is made stronger and the ball area morelabile, they can be bent to small running circle diameters. This advantage is supported by thinplaces   in   the   sliding   area   of   the   cage   strip,   which   are   deliberately   arranged   between   the   so-called ball windows, to prevent jamming of the balls or rollers.

  • Ball cage KKLK

GeneralBall cages of series KKLK are ball cages of series KK 100 and KK 107 with ball guides and holders,which are supplied filled with balls. The ball cage strips are offered in metre lengths or cut ready  for installation.

  • Ball cage KK 100

Ball cages of series KK 100 are made with ball guides and have ball holders on the ball pockets. Theball cages are supplied in metre lengths, without balls, on transport reels.

  • Ball cage KK 101

GeneralBall cages of series KK 101 are opened on one side and can therefore be snapped on to thecorresponding ball series. The cage strips are provided with a ball cup in the ball pocket from balldiameter 9,525 upwards, but are not provided with a ball holder. The cage strip is preferably guidedon the bearing edges, due to the limited ball guidance. The cage strips are supplied as metre lengths,without balls, on transport reels.

  • Ball cage KK 102

Ball cages of series KK 102 are so-called „holed strips“ without ball guide and ball holders. The cagestrip is guided on the bearing edges.

  • Axial bearing washers

Needle roller and cage assembliesType series KKBF (plastic version)
Radial needle roller and cage assemblies consist of plastic cage strips for needle rollers, produced asyardgoods and filled with rollers.

  • Axial roller and cage assembliesType series AXK (plastic version)

Axial roller and cage assemblies are produced in compound construction. Stable precision steel wirerings, so-called supports, are completed with a plastic roller cage strip to create an axial roller andcage assembly and equipped with cylindrical rollers.

  • Axial needle roller and cage assembliesType series AXK (steel version)
  • Axial bearing washersType ASS
  • Needle roller bearingType KEBF

Radial roller bearings of type KEBF consist of radial needle roller or radial roller and cage assemblyof type KKBF, each in a hardened inner or outer running track.

  • Axial thrust roller bearingType ASXK

Axial thrust roller bearing of type ASXK are composed of axial roller and cage assembly of typeAXK and two axial bearing washers of type ASS.

  • Wire ball bearing

The KMF KVE wire ball bearing units are used everywhere where there is insufficient space for acomplete bearing. Because of the possibility of   designing the machine while hardly taking  the necessary roller bearing into consideration, this type of bearing has been increasingly used in recent years.


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