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IKO was the first company in Japan to initiate technical developments on the Needle Roller Bearing. It is now a leading manufacturer with many remarkable achievements in this field. With 50 years of experience, IKO specializes in quality needle bearings, linear motion rolling guides, precision positioning tables and machine components. Our products include: Linear Motion Rolling Guides. IKO’s linear motion rolling guides reduce linear motion friction in the positioning mechanisms of machines. Examples include their linear way and linear roller way rail guiding systems, as well as a ball spline-based shaft guiding system. Needle Roller Bearings. With low cross-sectional height and high load capacity, our needle roller bearings exhibit rotational motion and incorporate a thin, needle-shaped roller into a rolling element. Since these bearings are small, they help reduce a machine’s overall size.


IKO designs and manufactures a wide range of machine parts that reduce friction in the positioning mechanisms of industrial equipment and machinery.

  1. BALL TYPE ROLLING GUIDES - IKO designs and manufactures a wide range of ball type guides to achieve precise linear motion across a diverse range of industries, from semiconductor manufacturing to machine tools. C-Lube models feature built-in lubricating elements to provide long lasting, maintenance-free operation to perform for 20,000 km. IKO ball type guides focus on high rigidity for complex loads, quiet operation and other design features to meet specific application requirements.
  2. ROLLER TYPE ROLLING GUIDES – IKO designs and manufactures several roller type guides to achieve precise linear machine motion across a wide range of industries, from machine tools to semiconductor manufacturing. C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX guides and Linear Roller Way Super X LRX guides are high-performance roller style component families that offer high rigidity and high accuracy along with repeatable and smooth linear motion.
  3. BALL SPLINE ROLLING GUIDES – IKO designs and manufactures a variety of compact ball spline guides to achieve precise linear motion across a diverse range of applications, from medical equipment to semiconductor manufacturing. External cylinders enable smooth linear motion along a spline shaft.
  4. OTHER LINEAR MOTION ROLLING GUIDES – IKO designs and manufactures a variety of heavy duty, functional guides to achieve high precision linear machine motion across a diverse range of applications such as medical equipment and semiconductor manufacturing. A wide range of specialty designs are available, from crossed roller ways that prevent cage creeping to precision slide units for clean room operation.


IKO designs and develops needle roller bearings to enable reliable and smooth rotational motion in numerous applications. This unique design incorporates a thin, needle-shaped roller into the moving element to achieve high load capacity in a small footprint.

1) CAM FOLLOWERS - IKO designs and manufactures a broad selection of cam followers to meet the diverse needs of applications including machine tools, industrial robots, electronic parts production and office automation equipment. A cam follower is a bearing that incorporates needle style rollers between a stud and a thick outer ring.

2) ROLLER FOLLOWERS- IKO manufacturers a variety of durable roller followers that feature needle rollers embedded in a thick outer ring, specifically designed for smooth outer ring rotation. Crowned and cylindrical outer ring styles meet a diverse range of application needs. Outer rings run directly on mating track surfaces.

3) CROSSED ROLLER BEARINGS- IKO designs and manufactures a variety of crossed roller bearings that can handle radial, thrust and moment loads at the same time. These compact bearings feature rollers crossed at right angles between inner and outer rings. Widely used in machine tools, industrial robots and medical equipment because of their high rotational accuracy.

4) SHELL TYPE NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS - IKO manufactures a wide range of radial needle roller bearings to meet the needs of different applications and machine profiles. These include shell type bearings, needle roller cages for both general use and within engine connecting rods, and machined type needle roller bearings.

Their machined-type needle roller bearings feature low sectional heights and large load ratings. A highly rigid outer ring makes these components ideal for light alloy housings as well. Three styles are available: caged, guided and solid-lubricant type.

IKO manufactures an economical series of combined needle roller bearings, comprised of both radial and thrust bearings. Caged needle roller bearings act as radial bearings, while thrust ball or roller bearings serve as thrust bearings. This series is available in four styles, including designs that incorporate thrust ball bearings, thrust roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings or three-point contact ball bearings. Applications include machine tools, textile equipment and industrial machinery.

7) THRUST BEARINGSIKO designs and manufactures thrust bearings with precisely machined cages and rollers to handle high axial loads in confined spaces. Two styles are available—thrust needle roller bearings and thrust roller bearings.

8) ROLLER BEARINGS - IKO designs and develops compact roller bearings for use in heavy-duty machinery such as construction equipment and industrial machines. Three styles are available for different applications: caged, full complement and roller bearings for sheaves.


IKO manufactures plain bearings for a wide range of machines and equipment in industries including automotive, construction, packaging and more.  Our plain bearings ensure articulating systems perform their best and support heavy and complex loads. Our lineup includes many styles of spherical bushings, as well as rod ends to address misalignment and other angular motion challenges. These units are ideal for a wide range of machines and equipment in industries like general industrial, automotive, construction, agriculture and packaging.

Whatever your load handling challenge, there’s a spherical bushing to address it. Featuring inner and outer rings with spherical sliding surfaces, our bushings can handle large radial loads and bidirectional axial loads at the same time.
b)Maintenance-free Spherical Bushings

Rod ends help you achieve precisely controlled motion in articulating mechanisms without misalignment or damaging deflections. They feature uniform clearance between sliding surfaces to allow better tilting, oscillation, low-torque rotation and smooth power transmission and provide excellent wear resistance.
a)L-Ball Rod Ends

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