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It was founded in 1989 and is based in Taichung, Taiwan. HIWIN is a combination of HI-tech Winner.

Product Overview:

  • Linear Guideways

Linear guideways provide a type of motion that utilizes re-circulating rolling elements between a profile rail and a bearing block.

  • Ballscrews

Ballscrews consist of a screw spindle and a nut integrated with rolling elements that cycle through a return mechanism.

  • Linear Motors

Hiwin linear motors are direct driven axis with plug and play capabilities.

  • Single Axis Robots

Hiwin's single axis robots utilize a combination of a ballscrew and linear guideways or a belt-driven system that are motor driven.

  • Crossed Roller Bearings

Hiwin Crossed Roller Bearings mainly consist of an outer ring, an inner ring, a plurality of rollers and a plurality of spacers.

  • Harmonic Gearing Systems

A harmonic gearing system has three basic components: a wave generator, a flex spline, and a circular spline.

  • Torque Motor Rotary Tables

Torque motor and rotary tables ensure excellent acceleration capabilities and high precision uniform movements

  • Positioning Measurement Systems

Hiwin's positioning guideway system integrates a linear guideway with a magnetic encoder

  • AC Servo Motors and Drives

Hiwin offers AC servo motors and stepper motors, which when combined with another Hiwin product line are great solutions for converting rotary motion into linear motion

  • Articulated Robots

Articulated Robots are used when complex motions, faster cycle time, and high repeatability are priorities.Learn more

  • HIWIN Grease

Hiwin offers lubricants for each type of environment such as general type, heavy load, low particle emitting, high speed, etc.Learn more



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