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GMT GLOBAL INC. was established in 1995. A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio services and a strong commitment to sustainability. GMT started its voyage with the manufacture of the precision die, precision die sets and mold components. Within a decade, GMT widened its business and started investing in the manufacture of the linear motion elements and made the global recognition.


  • MOTION COMPONENTS (Crossed Roller Bearings)
  • Roller Type:
  1. Slide Rail Set GRV
  2. Bearing steel, with steel retainer
  • Slide Rail Set GRV-S (Stainless steel, with steel retainer)
  • Slide Rail Set GRVP  (Bearing steel, with POM retainer)
  • Slide Rail Set GRD    (Bearing steel, with steel retainer)
  • Slide Rail Set GRD-S (Stainless steel, with steel retainer)
  • Slide Rail Set GRDP  (Bearing steel, with POM retainer)
  • Ball Type  (Slide Rail Set GBV)
  • Bearing Steel, with bronze retainer
  • Slide Rail Set GBD (Bearing steel, with bronze retainer)
  • Retainer
  • Retainer GB (Ball type, bronze)
  • Retainer GR (Roller type, steel)
  • Couplings
  • GMT Slide Rails
  • Gonio Ways
  • Hönger Slide Rails
  • Rail Type RD (Wide version, bearing steel)
  • Rail Type RD - RF (Wide version, stainless steel)
  • Rail Type R (Standard version, bearing steel)
  • Rail Type R - RF
  1. Standard version, stainless steel
  2. Rail Type RN
  3. Higher load, bearing steel
  • Rail Type RN - RF (Higher load, stainless steel)
  • Rail Type RNG (Higher load, lower outer dimensions, bearing steel)
  • Rail Type RNG - RF (Higher load, lower outer dimensions, stainless steel accessories)
  • Rotating Unit SK (Small to medium loads)
  • GMT Retainer (Ball and Roller Types)
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