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GMN Bearing is a manufacturer of High precision angular contact bearings, deep groove bearings, one-way clutch bearings, and labyrinth seals. Hybrid Ceramic bearings, Separable bearings, and Special Bearing Assemblies are also available from GMN Bearing.
GMN Angular Contact Ball Bearings (Precision Spindle Bearings)

  • Angular Contact Bearings are characterized by support of axial load in one direction only; use in applications where adjustment against a second bearing is necessary; the need for an extended ball complement as compared to deep groove ball bearings as well as high rigidity and loading capacity.

GMN Precision Bearings GMN Angular Contact Ball Bearings Series S meets these requirements through advanced high speed cutting combined with continuously decreased cutting forces that result in the highest speed and constant service life. The use of GMN Hybrid Ball Bearings can result in an even greater increase in speed.

GMN also produces separable spindle bearings and extra wide special bearings that feature an extended grease reservoir to enable them to reach the highest processing speed while keeping maintenance costs and downtime at a minimum.

GMN's headquarters are in Nürnberg, Germany.  Their product range includes:

  • GMN Angular Contact Ball Bearings

  1. S Series - Standard spindle ball bearings, non separable
  2. SM Series - Geometry modified for extremely high speeds
  3. KH Series - optimized for extremely high speeds and service life
  4. SH Series - Optimized oil feeding, one land on inner ring
  5. SMA Series - Optimized for oil-minimized lubrication via outer ring and extremely high speeds
  6. SMI Series - Optimized for oil-minimized lubrication via inner ring and extremely high speeds
  7. BHT Series - Separable variant of the SM Series
  8. BNT Series - Separable variant of the S Series
  • GMN Precision Radial Ball Bearings

Radial Deep Groove Ball Bearings are used in applications where support of axial and radial loads in both directions is required. These bearings are available in open, single, or double-shielded types, in sizes ranging from 5 mm to 40 mm bore diameter.

  • GMN Radial Deep Groove Ball Bearings

  1. X Series - Extra wide design with shields on both sides for high speed and grease lubrication
  2. BHT...X Series - Extra wide design variant of the BHT Series

GMN provides dry lubricant coating with their own PVD- sputter device for scanning electron microscopes or turbo molecular pumps; aerospace applications, semiconductor technologies; and
medical field, e.g. X-ray tube bearings applications.

GMN produces special bearings and bearing units that include bearings with rings or cages that require non-standard dimensions; bearings to match spacers or oil feed rings; and pre-assembled, ready-to-install precision bearing units.

  • GMN Free Wheeling Clutches

Free Wheeling Clutches are unidirectional couplings, transmitting or supporting torque in one direction by friction and allowing idling in the opposite direction.

GMN manufactures sprag type clutches of two different sprag sizes to be used as indexing devices, backstopping clutches or overrunning clutches. Roller ramp supplements are also available.

GMN complete free wheeling clutch units are the perfect combination of GMN insert elements with hardened and ground rings and bearing support. Double seal and pregreasing are optional.

Other GMN Product Categories include non-contact labyrinth seals, KSK Deep Groove Radial Ball Bearings, ORS Radial Ball Bearings, full ceramic bearings; and EZO/SPB Mini Instrument Bearings, GMN Labrynth Seals among others


  • GMN Hybrid Bearings

  1. All ball bearings of the GMN production range are available as hybrid bearings.
  • GMN Specially Engineered, Custom Bearings

GMN also manufactures a wide range of specialty bearing products including such as:

  1. Touchdown Bearings
  2. Vacuum Technology
  3. Medical Technology / X-ray
  4. Measurement / Navigation Technology
  5. Bearing Systems
  6. Machine Tool Applications
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