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Ewellix is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of linear motion solutions, which incorporate state-of-the-art designs, components and digital technology. They design, manufacture, and customise linear motion and linear actuators, including smart actuators, linear guides and ball and roller screws for a variety of industrial applications that help customers shift to electrified solutions. Formerly part of SKF Group, Ewellix is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden and is owned by Triton.

Linear Guides 

Linear guides provide a precise guiding function for positioning loads in combination with linear motion driving elements, such as actuators or ball screws. Our linear range includes precision rail guides, various profile rail guides and linear ball bearings, as well as units with precision shafts. From a few microns of stroke up to several meters of movement, almost any precise motion application in industrial or office environments is possible. The high product standardisation provides high-quality components even for applications with the lowest friction or noise emission request.

Linear Bearings, Units and Shafts


·   Wide range of bearings sizes from 3 to 80 mm

·   Optional in stainless steel design

Linear Ball Bearings (also called Ball Bushings or Shaft Guides) are cost-effective and widely used linear guide systems used in a variety of applications. The guiding principle consists of three elements: linear ball bearings, bearing housings and precision shafts. The wide range of diameters combined with the different types of bearings, housings and shafts make it easy to use and flexible to design in. Shaft guides provide low-friction guidance at unlimited travels and high tolerance to misalignments.

Miniature Profile Rail Guides
Miniature profile rail guides are made for applications requiring compact, high running accuracy, long service life and low noise. Ewellix LLS systems offer extremely smooth-running behaviour. The robust ball retention system avoids surprises during mounting. The products are ready to install while pre-lubricated with a lubrication reservoir for long service life. Rails and carriages (blocks) both have two reference sides for easy mounting.

Ball Profile Rail Guides
The ball profiled rail guides are widely spread in many industries and are nearly used for any linear guide application. They are equipped with 4 rows of ball-bearings at right angles. Thanks to the X arrangement with rails and carriages (block), larger differences in height can also be made up. This superior design ensures reliable and friction-free operation of a linear motion system. The carriages can be replaced with the same rail size, simplifying maintenance and installation.

Precision Rail Guides
Ewellix precision rail guides provide the highest precision in motion and are used in high end industrial, medical and electronic applications. They are available in a wide range of sizes and rolling element options. The non-circulating rolling elements provide outstanding smoothness in motion. Ewellix Anti-Creeping-System (ACS) ensure position accuracy as it avoids cage creeping.

Roller Profile Rail Guides

Roller profile rail guides are the high-end guide solutions for applications like machine tools, automation industry or plastic injection moulding machines. Ewellix LLU guide systems offer high precision and rigidity at the highest load ratings with the most compact design. The LLU carriages (blocks) are interchangeable within the standard precision classes for standard rails.

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