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C.T.S. company, established in January 1977, started his activity with the aim of marketing bearings and special drives.
Linear guides are a valid solution when there is a need to move an object or to increase productivity in a working process by mechanising it automatically.

C.T.S. offers various products:

Simple linear guides that can be motorised with one or two axes, modular free-standing sections, with belt, rack, chain, or worm gear drive, and a vast range of trolleys and accessories that are either standard or made to drawings. A vast range of products to meet any need expertly and precisely.
The linear guides supplied by C.T.S. have developed and evolved over the years and are able to cover a wide range of uses. We can move anything from a few grams to hundreds of kilograms, adjusting the structures and mechanical parts in each case in the finest detail.

C.T.S Free wheels and single-direction joints in which the drive element pulls the towed element when it rotates in one direction, but that automatically detaches itself when it rotates in the opposite direction.

Due to this specific feature the free wheels are used for the following applications:

  1. Overrunning clutch
  2. Backstop
  3. Intermittent feed
  • Self-centring free wheels

The GF Series (sizes 8.20) and GV Series are bushed; the GF Series (sizes 25.60) have ball bearings. The GF Series are used as intermittent feed, non-return and overspeed units mainly inside closed guards. To lubricate this range of freewheels, a pre-existing oil circulation may be sufficient, provided the type of oil used is one of those we recommend for cylindrical element contact units. The GV Series are used for return or intermittent feed applications and are located outside guards on drive shafts where the transmission torque is provided by the lever welded on the outer race.

These types are supplied greased-for-life and with gasket.

  1. CKN...2RS
  2. GF
  3. GL
  4. GL..F2D2
  5. GL..F4D2
  6. GL..F5D2
  7. GL..TR
  8. GLG
  9. GLP..F7D2
  10. GO
  11. GV
  12. GVG
  13. UK-UKC
  •  Cages

GM and GP are two types of cage, one with metric measures (GM) and the others with inches measures. The smaller dimensions and the high transmission torque offer some interesting technical and cost-saving solutions. When the application needs torques bigger it is possible to mount more cages side by side. The cage needs one or two bearings for centering, and the two rings (outer and inner) where the cage works must be a surface hardness of 60/62 HRC.

  • GM
  • GP


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