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CSK Motions Technology Co Ltd., Established in 2010, specializes in the production of high-precision linear motion components. Boasting a skilled team with expertise in research and development, manufacturing, and quality assurance, CSK is a leader in its field. With state-of-the-art precision equipment, CSK can manufacture linear guideways with an accuracy of UP grade (≤3u), making it one of the few global manufacturers capable of producing such high-quality products.

In recent times, CSK has been actively expanding its product range to include linear motor stages, modules, direct drive rotary motors, and other precision transmission systems, offering tailored solutions to meet customer needs. Committed to delivering world-class products and services at competitive prices and with short lead times, CSK aims to continuously improve and innovate in the linear motion technology sector.
Driven by a vision to become a lasting enterprise, CSK seeks to establish key core techniques that contribute to the well-being and environmental sustainability of our global community.

Linear Guideway

CSK Manufactures very precise Linear Guideways. CSK linear guides not only can bear loads in all directions but also can achieve high rigidity and high precision. and fully meets the requirements of precision equipment for high-precision, high reliability, and smooth and stable linear motion.

CSK brand started to manufacture linear motion products in 2010. Their company has passed ISO14001 Certification, and they are able to mass produce precision linear slides with a walking accuracy of less than 0.003mm. Their vision is to become a sustainable enterprise by establishing key core technologies.

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