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Cross+Morse is a Birmingham based manufacturer of power Transmission products and solutions with over 100 years of history (please visit our ‘Company History’ page for our complete timeline), right in the centre of the engineering hub in the West Midlands region in the United Kingdom.


  • Standard Roller Chains

Precision Roller Chains to both British standard (BS) and American standard (ANSI) from 1/4" to 2.1/2" in simplex and multistrand forms. Suitable for drives with powers from fractional to 2500 kW, with operating speeds up to 25 metres per second.

  • Sprockets & Platewheels

An extensive range of sprockets and platewheels: simplex and multi strand version, pilot and taper bore, double simplex sprockets, finished bored and keyed and/or induction hardened.

  • Special Construction & Attachment Chain

We stock a large range of attachments for conveying and transportation, custom designs also available. Straight-side plate, hollow pin, extended pitch, metric pitch and special design chains on short lead-times.

  • Stainless Steel Chain & Sprockets

Standard BS and ANSI chain in 304 and 316 stainless steel, in simplex and multi-strand form. A comprehensive stock of SS sprockets completes this range. Corrosion resistant chains such as Aquaproof (AP) and electroless nickel plated are also available.

  • Crossbore® Rework Service

A dedicated production area with specialized CNC machines provides a rapid response rework service of standard sprockets, pulleys and gears. Known as Crossbore®; this service includes reboring, keywaying and setscrewing.

  • Chain Tools

Roller Chain tools reduce time both in the field and in the shop and are a necessity for disconnecting roller chains from bulk length, or for chain repair and alteration purposes.

  • Torque Limiters and Couplings

We offer the original series torque limiters and spares based on Imperial dimensions and a new range of metric torque limiters providing both smaller and larger units. Both series are available with a roller chain coupling.

  • Sheargard Clutches and Couplings

The Sheargard clutch uses shearpin wedges to provide total disengagement of driving and driven members in the event of an overload, it is suitable for high torques with a compact, low inertia unit. Available as a roller chain coupling and rubber elastic couplings.

  • Crossgard Overload Clutches and Couplings

Crossgard clutches and couplings all use sprung loaded balls locked in detents to provide drive and overload control. There are three types available: CG, CGX and CGZ all designed to provide the customer with a reliable, simple to operate clutch.

  • Sheargard Clutches and Couplings

The Safegard CS series clutches and couplings were developed to provide overload protection for the transmission of high torques within a compact unit using balls or rollers. Available in four modes of drive operation: CSF, CSY, CSL and CSZ.

  • Safegard Type CZ/CN Overload Clutches and Couplings

The CZ/CN series of Overload clutches and couplings provides a totally backlash free transmission of power with a very responsive overload protection. Two basic modes of operation are available: Ratchetting and Synchron (F/Y), with option of expanding bush shaft connection and steel disc coupling.

  • Safegard Type CMZ Overload Clutches and Couplings

The CMZ Modular Rotation-Free series of Clutches and couplings have been designed for overload protection in high torque, high speed and high inertia drives; to disconnect quickly the driven machinery from the motor in the event of an overload allowing free rotation of the drive.

  • Industrial Ratchet Freewheels and Adaptors

Cross+Morse offer IRF Clutches with external mounting flange and IRF sprockets to suit standard BS Series chains. We also have steel adaptors for industrial ratchet freewheel available.

  • "M" Series Sprag Clutches

Fully sealed, bearing supported, high torque Sprag Clutch Assemblies with Metric and Imperial Bores. 4 types of clutch are offered: MG, MI, MO and MR.


  • Backstop Types B200 & B500 Shaft mounted sprag clutch assemblies for backstop applications.


  • Roller Ramp Clutches CNAS/CNFS Type CNAS and CNFS Freewheels are light duty Roller Ramp Clutches manufactured to standard bearing dimensions; these clutches are mainly used for precision indexing and for overrunning applications; being built into machine parts which have bearing support between the housing and shaft.
  • Sprag Clutches | CKK/CSK Clutch types CKK and CSK combine individually sprung sprags with a deep groove ball bearing to provide a compact, low cost high torque freewheel. Used for backstop and overrun applications, these clutches provide the ideal, low cost, solution where space is restricted.
  • Roller Ramp Clutches AA, AEF, ANF and ANR High torque roller ramp clutches for applications within an encased lubrication system.
  • Roller Ramp Clutch with Ball Bearings AGF/AGFN Combined roller ramp clutch with Ball Bearings and outer race tapped to accept end flanges.
  • Compact Freewheel Clutches KI, ASK and GFK These 3 series of freewheels are ideally suited to volume production machines, combining compact design with low price.
  • Sprag Elements - BW units The double cage sprag elements are complete units capable of high torque transmission within confined spaces.
  • Backstop Clutches CR/BV, CR/BT and CR/BW Many types of freewheels can be used for backstop applications, but these clutches have been specially designed for this application.
  • Cross+Morse offer the PB & HT Series sprag clutches for indexing applications.
  • Clamping Elements Type RCK 15/13/16 Designed for use with standarised ranges of pulleys, sprockets and gears, with standard general purpose.
  • Clamping Elements Type RCK 70/71: High torque units. These units are designed to give optimum concentricity.
  • Clamping Elements Type RCK 80 ACE 81 These units are designed minimum/small axial space and bore selection.
  • Clamping Elements Type RCK 40/45/10/12/61 Compact and very compact small versatile units.
  • Clamping Elements Type RCK 50 CCE 54/55 Clamping rings and single nut clamping units.
  • Clamping Elements Type RCK 19/20/25 External clamping discs and units.
  • Clamping Elements Type RCK 95 shaft connecting units.
  • Stainless Steel Shaft Clamping Elements Cross+Morse offers a new range of Stainless steel shaft clamping elements.



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