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Chieftek Precision Linear

Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd., consists of professional technical management team and highly skillful technicians who devote every effort to the R&D, manufacturing and a long term sustainable, perpetual operation for miniature linear motion components.

Miniaturization trend of linear motion component has started since1990, with applications in precision measurement and inspection instruments. The recent fast growth of the semiconductor, electronics and their peripheral industries all use miniature linear motion component as a mainstay in their various operations, such as compact precision machinery and robot for the fabrication of high value computer and office automation products. Linear motion guide is a critical component for the precision automation industry.

CPC’s technical management team consists of domestic and international top notch professionals. cpc team has determined to achieve their vision to become a global leader in the precision miniature motion components. CPC’s products include Miniature Linear Guides, Standard Linear Guides, Linear Motors, Precision Miniature Ball screws and Miniature Linear Modules



ARCseries MS/MN/ML

ARCseries FS/FN

HRCseries MN/ML

ERCseries MN/ML

HRCseries FN/FL

ARseries Old type


Old type Miniature linear guide series

MR miniature linear guide series is the designed using two rows of recirculation steel balls . The design uses a Gothic profile with 45º contact angle to achieve equal load capacity in all directions. Within the restriction of limited space, wide rail outline contact area design and larger stainless balls are used to enhance the load and torsion resistance capacity. It has realized sufficient performance of high load and high torque.

MR-M SU series
MR-M ZU series

Standard type

MR-M SS series

Standard type

MR-M ZZ series

Standard type

MR-M SUE series
MR-M ZUE series

Standard type

MR-M EE series
MR-M EZseries

SStandard type

MR-M EU series
MR-M UZ series

Standard type

MR-W SU series
MR-W ZU series

Wide type

MR-W ZZ series

Wide type

MR-W SUE series
MR-W ZUE series

Wide type

MR-W EE series
MR-W EZ series

Standard type

MR-W EU series
MR-W UZ series

Wide type

MRU-M series
MRU-W series



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