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Since Thomas Cooper invented the split roller bearing in 1907, the Cooper brand has been universally accepted as the benchmark for split roller bearing quality and expertise.

More than 100 years later, SKF Cooper is proud to continue offering the highest quality and widest range of split to the shaft bearings on the market, confirming the company’s status as technology leader.

Cooper Bearings is a manufacturer of split roller bearings with an excellent record of everyday service in a wide range of industrial applications worldwide.
Cooper Bearing's ability to be fit in trapped applications and locations with limited access make them a preferred choice by many companies.

Cooper Bearings are widely used in steel production, the marine industry, and underground and surface mining operations and other industries where their unique features insure minimal downtime and flexibility.

Cement production, quarrying, and power generation are other industries where the combination of excellent sealing and easy access make Cooper Bearings an optimal choice.

Cooper also has a full range of conveyor bearings where, again, ease of inspection even under harsh conditions, and accessibility in trapped conditionns are crucial to limiting downtime.

Split Roller Bearings

The Cooper Split Roller Bearing uses cylindrical rollers and components made in halves. Assembly of these halves around the shaft eliminates removal of couplings, gearboxes, pulleys etc, and simplifies shaft design. Cylindrical rollers allow unrestricted shaft expansion within the ‘EX’ bearing and can accommodate moderate axial loads with the ‘GR’ bearing. Housed in Cooper swivel cartridges offering shaft alignment and superior concentric sealing options, they can be used in a various forms of outer housings.

Split Tapered Bearings

The Cooper Split Tapered Roller Bearing has two opposed rows of rollers to take axial loads in either direction, and is intended for use in the ‘fixed’ bearing position, with ‘EX’ expansion bearings in all other positions on the shaft. With components made in halves, it is housed in Cooper swivel cartridges offering shaft alignment and superior concentric sealing options, they can be mounted in pedestal or flange outer housings.

Specialised Bearings

Cooper frequently supply special and customised bearing solutions. Our extensive design and manufacture capabilities offer various alternative bearing solutions to those shown in our standard product range. These include bespoke housings to suit our standard bearings, large bore bearings, water cooled bearings, flat thrust bearings, all available in split formats offering the usual Cooper benefits and advantages. Bore sizes up to 1500mm and a wide range of special features can be considered and our Technical Department will be pleased to advise on a suitable product.

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